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18w32a[1] は、1.13.1の4番目のスナップショットである。

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 限定要素 Dead Coral が追加された
    • 通常のサンゴの死んだバリエーションである
    • ブロックの上面に設置できる
  • 新たな統計が追加された:[2]
    • 被ダメージ(吸収) – damage_dealt_absorbed
    • 被ダメージ(抵抗) – damage_dealt_resisted
    • 盾で防がれたダメージ – damage_blocked_by_shield
    • 吸収したダメージ – damage_absorbed
    • 防いだダメージ – damage_resisted
    • シュルカーボックスを脱色した回数 – clean_shulker_box

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • パフォーマンスが最適化された
  • エンティティがブロックの中にいた場合に、地面を突き抜けて落下しなくなった[3]

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • MC-1489 – Dismounting a horse with a fence on the player's right leaves the player on the wrong side of the fence.
  • MC-4488 – Mobs don't drop cooked meat if last damage is from fire, lava or fire charge.
  • MC-73361 – Exiting a minecart / boat can put the player outside the border.
  • MC-76649 – Thrown item in hand and as entity
  • MC-81237stat.damageTaken fails to increment when player has absorption.
  • MC-88230 – When feeding a tamed horse or llama with a golden apple/carrot or hay bale, the cursor moves to the right.
  • MC-112533 – Dispenser can equip shield for armor stand without arms.
  • MC-114074 – Some non-full cube blocks don't cull the faces of the same block next to them
  • MC-114246 – Item in offhand of armor stand with arms cannot be taken back.
  • MC-119607 – Llamas, unlike horses, can be kept feeding hay bales even if in love mode.
  • MC-130724stat.damageDealt does not record damage to absorption health.
  • MC-132789 – Unexpected piston behavior when chaining repeaters
  • MC-132806 – You cannot grant/revoke specific advancement criteria because of a colon in its name.
  • MC-132870 – Weird lag with large amounts of entities in 1.13 compared to 1.12.2
  • MC-133158 – Underwater waterlogged blocks still produce water dripping particles.
  • MC-133842 – Crash when getting kicked while in Inventory
  • MC-134392 – Spawers will spawn dolphins inside of solid blocks.
  • MC-134402 – Statistic for cleaning shulker boxes is missing.
  • MC-135079 – Purpur stairs and slabs cannot be crafted using purpur pillars.
  • MC-135126 – Bone meal on underwater grass blocks doesn't spawn sea grass.
  • MC-135468 – Mooshroom disappears when sheared
  • MC-135791 – Mobs glitching out
  • MC-134817 – Collision with shulkers is extremely glitched.
  • MC-135048 – Misplaced sandstone block on desert temple.
  • MC-135457 – Strange placing and removing blocks after respawning, especially redstone system and sands
  • MC-135381 – Conduits can not be placed outside of water.
  • MC-135385 – Entities fall through the entire world when they are inside blocks.
  • MC-135387 – Chunks are not forced/unforced until a player loads it.
  • MC-135390 – Pistons react inconsistently to certain 4 gametick pulses.
  • MC-135423 – Can't stand on top of boat anymore without glitching.
  • MC-135431 – Scoreboard division is inconsistent with modulo.

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]

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  3. MC-135385