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この項目はJava Edition限定の要素です。
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version_manifest.json is the file containing a list of Java Edition versions from It lists available Minecraft versions for the launcher.

If a version is absent from this list, it is considered unavailable on the launcher, such as 1.14.3 Combat Test.

This list is updated each time Mojang publishes a new version for Minecraft: Java Edition.

JSON format[編集 | ソースを編集]

This is the JSON format for version_manifest.json.

  • Nbtsheet.png The root tag.
    • Nbtsheet.png latest: The latest release and snapshot versions.
      • Nbtsheet.png release: The ID of the latest release version.
      • Nbtsheet.png snapshot: The ID of the latest snapshot version.
    • Nbtsheet.png versions: A list of versions available.
      • Nbtsheet.png One of the version entries.
        • Nbtsheet.png id: The ID of this version.
        • Nbtsheet.png type: The type of this version; usually release or snapshot.
        • Nbtsheet.png url: The link to the <version id>.json for this version.
        • Nbtsheet.png time: A timestamp in ISO 8601 format of when the version files were last updated on the manifest.[要検証]
        • Nbtsheet.png releaseTime: The release time of this version in ISO 8601 format.