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2人のプレイヤーにより Spleef が行われている様子

Spleef(スプリーフ)とは、Minecraft に存在する競い合いのミニゲームである。このミニゲームは、足場のブロックを崩して相手を場外へ落下させ、最後までフィールドに残ることが目的となっている。
名前の由来は、ゲームにおいてブロックを無造作に破壊する行為を荒らし行為 (Grief) といい、それをもじったことからきている。

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ルール[編集 | ソースを編集]


  • ゲーム中はブロックを設置してはいけない。
  • 落ちたプレイヤーはブロックを設置、破壊してはならない。
  • ゲーム後、敗者はゲーム中破壊されたブロックを再設置する。(任意。 場合によっては代わりにコマンドブロックなども使われる。)
  • プレイヤーの立つ位置が全員島に分かれて膠着状態になり、相手の島に行けずゲームが続けられない場合、より大きい島に立つプレイヤーを勝ちとするか、またそのままフィールドをリセットして続行することもできる。後者は自動でフィールドをリセットできる場合にのみ使える。
  • そうすることを許可したルールを除き、プレイヤーを攻撃してはならない。

舞台[編集 | ソースを編集]

会場内にある Spleef の舞台

Since spleef requires the playing field to be easily broken, most arenas use snow or clay blocks as they can be broken relatively quickly. Some basic arenas will use dirt if better materials are not available.

Spleef players should be equipped with a shovel to ensure fast block destruction.

Walls surrounding the arena are usually made to prevent players from evading gameplay. The walls are often made with hard to mine materials, such as cobblestone, brick, obsidian or even bedrock. There is often seating for spectators located on the side of the field, so that they can view the players in the arena.

There is usually a pit located below the arena with a tunnel or stairway out for losers to exit the arena. On longer drops, arena builders will use water to prevent the losers from taking fall damage.

Many stadium builders fill the pit with lava as an intimidating consequence for losing. Often they will provide chests for participants to store their items so they don't lose them if they lose.

派生ゲーム[編集 | ソースを編集]

Due to the flexible nature of spleef, the gamemode can be altered in many ways. A common variation is to create multiple levels of playing fields, and upon losing on one arena, you descend to the next. A common theme among variations is incorporating gameplay elements such as fire, explosions, or mobs. Some versions allow someone to destroy blocks from under the players, and others incorporate challenges such as not allowing players to jump. As stated in the rules above, hitting other players may occasionally be allowed as well.

歴史[編集 | ソースを編集]

Spleef was started on a server before June 23, 2009 soon after the Classic Multiplayer Creative Mode release. The rules and name were created by Greenslimy, Pentaclam and Maulrus.[要出典] It first gained popularity after Notch blogged about this article on his Tumblr.[1] Soon after, a plethora of spleef servers and variations sprung up. Spleef instantly caught on in Minecraft Classic, while slowly also gaining popularity in Alpha, which soon became Beta. It is considerably popular in the latest version of Minecraft today, with almost every major public server having some sort of Spleef arena.

It is questionable, but it could have started as a port from Blockland to Minecraft. In 2004, in Blockland was a "spleef" where you would throw spears at the blocks and they would disappear, thus killing anyone on them. Someone who played this may have re-created it in Minecraft and others started doing it too.

Tron 2.0 featured a similar game mode in 2002, with opposing teams using the Tron disc to destroy platforms on either side of a chasm.

As of the August 30th, 2016 update, the Console Edition of the game now includes an official variation of Spleef called "Tumble".

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