Pocket Edition 1.0 build 2

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1.0 build 2






1.0 build 2(バージョン番号は0.17.0.2)は、1.0の2番目のBuild バージョンである。[1]

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • BGMがダウンロード可能となった
  • マッシュアップパックを追加
    • 機能はしていない
  • シードライブラリ

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • "100% dragon free" と "It's alpha" が削除された
    • エンダードラゴンの追加、正式版となる為
  • ダウンロード前にデバイスに十分な空き容量があるかチェックする様になる
  • ナチュラルテクスチャパックの説明の調整
  • ダイアログテキストのRealmsの"r"を大文字に変更
  • "Save world to device" を "Download World"に変更
  • "Create new world" を "Create New"に変更
  • Realmsの選択画面のUIを調整
  • ナレーションアクセシビリティモードを調整

ワールド生成[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 最低表示チャンクが3チャンクとなる
  • チャンク生成を調整

Mob[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • ブレイズの攻撃までの時間を他のエディションと同じ時間になる様に調整
  • スライム、マグマキューブの出現率の調整

アイテム[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • TNT付きトロッコとクリーパーの着火音を追加

コマンド[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • /locate が使えなくなった

その他[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Add-onのエラー画面の変更
  • 画面レイアウトと実績画面の調整
  • テキストの位置変更と読みやすさの向上
  • ローカライズの変更とRift Launcherをアップデート(Win 10 Oculus Riftのみ)
  • "ベッドを出る"ボタンの変更

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]


以前の Build バージョンから

  • MCPE-17616/summon で召喚したウィザーが攻撃しない
  • MCPE-17623 – ウィザーがウィザースケルトンとストレイを攻撃する
  • MCPE-17984/summon で召喚したウィザースケルトンがスケルトンのテクスチャになっている
  • 前のバージョンのワールドを読み込むとワールドのバイオームが激しく乱れるバグが修正された
  • インポートした Add-on が重複している時に、"インポートに失敗しました"と表示されなくなった
  • (例外的に)長いパックネーム、説明のAdd-onのインポートに失敗した時に、マニフェスト検証画面が出るようになった
  • 0.16.0で動作していたマニフェスト構文にエラーのある Add-on は、1.0でも正常に動作する
  • 子どものヤマネコは手なずけると成長するようになった
  • エンドシティで見つかるアイテムのエンチャントが他のプラットフォーム (Java Edition、Console Edition) と異なる
  • エンドシティのチェストに馬鎧がある
  • エンダーマンに水入り瓶をぶつけてもクラッシュしなくなった
  • フレンドのゲームに参加した時に、フレンドが動物等に乗っていると、フレンドが透けなくなった
  • リソースパックを変えると、テクスチャも更新されるようになった
  • 雪玉が正しく分配されるようになった
  • ロバとラバにチェストまたはサドルを着けた際のバグ
  • ドラゴンブレスのパーティクルが修正された
  • バケツがクリエイティブでも正しく動作するようになった
  • アイアンゴーレムがノックバック耐性を持つようになった
  • エンドポータルに入ると、常にジ・エンドに行くように修正された(ジ・エンドでエンドポータルを使う以外)
  • エンダードラゴンに釣竿が使えなくなった
  • Mobの頭を設置する時のバグが修正された
  • プレイ中に導入した Add-on が UI に表示されるようになった
  • Mushrooms obtained from shearing mooshrooms no longer have a blank icon in your inventory.
  • Rabbits again properly eat carrot crops.
  • Skeletons and strays will now follow you during the day if it is raining or they are wearing a helmet.
  • Fixed a crash potentially due to some player models. (iOS only)
  • Fixed random colors on grass when a player overrides grass colors.
  • Fixed carried waterlillies (lilypads) in resource packs - the pack files were named incorrectly.
  • Eggs now cause knockback and make the mob/player flash when hit.
  • Now only one "you have been given…" message displays per use when using the /give command.
  • Fixed a bug that should improve response when players interact with some blocks.
  • Pushed blocks no longer flicker once after being moved.
  • Fixed bugs dealing with mob spawn rates (i.e. ghast spawn rate, increased frequency of mob spawning in some cases, detecting whether a mob spawned from spawner)
  • Recipes that have items that have a damage value will no longer have the wrong craft number in the pocket crafting UI.
  • Beacon is now correctly highlighted in the pocket crafting screen when you don't have all the ingredients to make one.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when you and a friend entered the End Portal fountain to see the credits but your friend was standing in front of you.
  • Fixed a crash when an item went into a hopper.
  • The strays' clothing now renders correctly!
  • The store downloading layout now displays correctly (MCPE only).
  • Skin picket custom button now sizes itself based on the length of text.
  • Realms will no longer show up in the list of worlds you can upload to your Realm.
  • Settings are now correctly displayed on expired Realms.
  • Paintings can have transparency now.
  • XP orbs and loot now comes out of mobs with the smoke particles.
  • You no longer gain the Respiration effect from just holding an enchanted helmet- you need to wear it!
  • Melted ice blocks now create flowing water.
  • All note blocks now start with the lowest note.
  • The sound of a playing note block doesn't fade out too early now when you walk away from it.
  • Fixed ghast & lightning/thunder sounds.
  • Creepers no longer use their hurt sound as an idle sound (as creepers are quiet!)
  • Snow golem now has a special sound when they are hit or die.
  • Zombie villagers, silverfish, squid, and husks now all make the sounds they are supposed to make.
  • Leash offset for chickens corrected.
  • Fixed another game crash when you respawned.
  • Cured zombie villagers now make the appropriate sounds when cured.
  • When beds explode in The End, they now also destroy blocks.
  • TNT ignition animation now looks like it does in other versions.
  • Fixes to unusual minecart movement and minecarts floating above tracks.
  • Elder guardian egg now renamed properly so resource packs can find it.
  • Fixed issue where texture packs were not applying to mob heads.
  • Fixed a crash after undoing an emoji in chat (MCPE iOS only).
  • Fixed a timing issue with falling blocks.
  • Ender dragon boss bar is now visible all the time during the dragon battle.
  • Ender dragon no longer respawns each time the player reloads the game.
  • Burning players are now extinguished when jumping in a cauldron with water in it.
  • Witches spawn from witch huts now.
  • Hoes till dirt again!
  • Removed Realms offers from the store in the Android beta as well as any Realms purchases and features (because Realms don't work if you're in the Android beta).
  • Fixed a bug where the Ender dragon would appear in the Overworld after the character died in The End before killing it.
  • Fixed a crash when opening a .mcworld file (MCPE iOS only).
  • Fixed various unicode bugs.
  • Fixed the Ender dragon's perch-mode fire break attack's radius.
  • Ender crystals can now be destroyed in survival (Android only).
  • You can now use the left bumper on the controller on the inventory screen to wrap to the right side (MCPE only).
  • Wrapping now allowed when cycling through tabs.
  • Some characters in the chat text box are no longer moved off screen when the send button appears.
  • "#" can be used in text boxes again.
  • Advanced video settings toggle now saves its state.
  • Chat can be closed again with the back button.
  • Scroll bars should no longer have their max overshot value become negative.
  • Fixed a crash relating to store screenshots.
  • Fixed a crash on launch if there was no speech pack installed (Win 10 only).
  • Chat messages again read in the correct order in narrator mode.
  • Now there's a notification when keyboard shortcuts are used to toggle the TTS accessibility option (Win 10 only).
  • Fixed some mob models not being able to be changed using mobs.json
  • You now see the hand movement & TNT's texture blink when joined to a game and the TNT is ignited.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ender dragon would disappear if the game crashed while fighting it.
  • Command output from /gamemode command is now displayed for other players.
  • Fixed a severe FPS drop with lots of purple particles around the player while fighting the Ender dragon (Android only).
  • Blaze projectiles are now visible (Realms only).
  • Dragon head can move when powered without having to reload the game.
  • You are no longer repositioned at spawn when above 128 world height and the game is reloaded.
  • Minecraft launcher no longer crashes when the hard drive is full (Win 10 Oculus Rift only).
  • If you're on your friend's world, you can now see your friend switching between mob heads.
  • Protection enchantment fixed to be the same as other versions - it no longer protects against suffocation & cactus damage.
  • Caves are no longer pitch black in VR (VR only).
  • Fixed chunks of other dimensions (e.g. the Nether) generated when you enter a dimension the second time on a server/game with a smaller render distance than you.
  • Play screen now properly shows Realms trial when the trial is still available but you have accepted a friend's Realm invitation.
  • Achievement screen will now populate with a single list of achievements if suspending/resuming your game.
  • If you die and rejoin a game, you are again respawned in your last bed (or at world spawn if your bed was destroyed) rather than where you died.
  • 90 degree fences have correct collision boxes now.
  • Fixed a bug where the sneak button wouldn't disappear when switch sneak/jump button option is active.
  • Loading worlds from templates shouldn't fail sometimes anymore.
  • Fixed a bug with using spawn eggs on spawners- it now behaves correctly.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch with Eye of Ender.
  • Ender crystals and projectiles fixed so players with short render distance can now fight the Ender dragon without issues.
  • Cocoa pods now show a crack animation when breaking them.
  • Various skin bug fixes.
  • Lingering potion effects now refresh every few ticks if you are standing in its effect cloud.
  • If you're in a friend's game and your friend throws an Eye of Ender, the animation now looks like it should.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the End portal on certain graphics settings.
  • Fixed a graphics bug where mob spawners allowed you to see through the world.
  • Fixed a graphics glitch with End gateway blocks near water.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when you return through a Nether portal with a mob spawner nearby.
  • Fixed the Ender charge so it doesn't slow down over time.
  • Plastic texture pack particles fixed.
  • Fixed the error message for the /give command when invalid values are entered.
  • Dropped items now move to the next empty space when a block is placed on top of them.
  • Silverfish now take damage when on soul sand.
  • Fixed a crash when the game was resumed (MCPE iOS only).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to join a LAN game.
  • End gateway no longer suffocates you!
  • Fixed a crash when a game was stopped with players still logged into it.
  • Thrown lingering potions now have a splash effect.
  • The armor and clothes the skeleton models wear disappear when they're splashed with invisibility potion
  • An animal on a lead should land safely on the ground now without taking any damage.
  • Shulkers no longer attack you when the difficulty is set to peaceful.
  • Clocks again rotate at the same speed as one held in hand when placed in item frames in dimensions other than the Overworld.
  • Villagers now run from zombie pigmen.
  • Mobs no longer jump and turn near obstacles on slabs, carpet, etc.
  • Fixes and updates for City, Fantasy, Natural, and Plastic texture packs.
  • Weather now clears up after using the /toggledownfall command during a thunderstorm.
  • The auto-complete list now show players that are on the same world but just in different dimensions than you.
  • The close button in the chest UI no longer overlaps an item slot when you hover your mouse over it (Win 10 only).
  • The d-pad on the controller is now supported in the Exit Minecraft prompt.
  • You can now whisper to yourself in text chat in the game (good for making notes for yourself that only you can see!)
  • You can now see the animation of a witch drinking a potion.
  • Fixed crashes when loading terrain.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when moving the visibility distance slider in the options.
  • Importing a world with an Add-on will no longer fail due to duplicate world IDs.
  • Held items are no longer cropped or off-frame when playing in a different aspect ratio so clocks & compasses will show up correctly again.
  • When an Enderman is being hit, its head color is consistent - the bottom part no longer turns completely red.
  • Clocks continue to work when dropped now.
  • You can no longer enter a vehicle while riding a pig/horse/donkey/mule (that's dangerous!)
  • Cocoa pod stems are now correctly displayed.
  • The game now registers mouse clicks as fast as you can click them!
  • Fixed lag when your world is saving.
  • Animals breed again (instead of just showing hearts with no baby appearing).
  • Chat position is fixed.
  • Throwing rate of snowballs is fixed.
  • The spawn rate of Golden Apples in chests is fixed.
  •  Pointing the crosshair near the top or the bottom of a block while you're in sneak mode no longer highlights the block next to the one you want.
  • Framed maps' green indicators no longer disappear from a held map after you teleport to another dimension.
  • All zombie pigmen within range will now attack you if you attack one of them.
  • The anvil no longer deletes items if the game is closed while the screen is open.
  • Leaves no longer act as opaque blocks when the Fancy Graphics option is off.
  • Leaf blocks held in the hand or dropped on the ground now have transparency if Fancy Graphics option is on.
  • Broken spruce and birch leaves no longer have different colors than they should.
  • You can't walk through fences anymore.
  • Compasses placed in item frames now show the correct direction towards spawn.
  • Minecarts with mobs no longer fly upwards after you join a game.
  • Fixed the looped sound for the ignite action.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when hostile mobs die.
  • Fixed a crash when you returned to your world after the credits ended.

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