Minecraft Dungeons:鍛冶屋

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外見[編集 | ソースを編集]

Minecraft Dungeonsの鍛冶屋のテクスチャは、元の作品のものと似ているが、DLCである忍び寄る冬では、目が緑色の代わりに紫色をしており、メタルマスクが目を覆っている。

用途[編集 | ソースを編集]

鍛冶屋はアイテムをアップグレードするのに使われる。 In order to do this, the player must sacrifice their item to the Blacksmith. After completing three missions, the player gets the upgraded item. The power level of the upgraded item will be determined by the difficulty of the three missions the player completed whilst being upgraded, while its rarity remains unchanged. Although all enchantments on the item are removed, the choices of available enchantments will be the same as those of the original item.

To unlock the Blacksmith, you must find and free him in a specific location inside of Redstone Mines.

Prior to the Creeping Winter, the Blacksmith used to give the player random gear with power level around the current power level of the player, in exchange for emeralds.

歴史[編集 | ソースを編集]

Minecraft Dungeons
?Plains Armorer.png鍛冶屋が追加された。
The blacksmith used to have a different functionality, it was used to sell random items in exchange for emeralds instead of upgrading them.
The blacksmith used to be unlocked after the player completes the Creeper Woods. blacksmith no longer sells random items.
The blacksmith got a new functionality, it upgrades the player's items in exchange for emeralds and 3 missions completed.
The blacksmith is no longer unlocked by completing the Creeper Woods, instead, the player must find him and free him in a specific location inside of Redstone Mines.
Dungeons Blacksmith.png鍛冶屋のテクスチャーが変更された。

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