Minecraft: Story Mode/EP3

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After the potion effect wears off, Jesse and his/her friends have to think of another way to get to Soren. Thinking quickly, Jesse uses the amulet and finds out that Soren is deep underground. They dig a hole to a passage which leads them to a mob grinder. A creeper blows up a portion of the passage, causing the amulet to slip out of Jesse's hands and fall onto a platform. After fighting some hostile mobs, Jesse successfully retrieves the amulet, but slips on some water, causing him/her to fall towards death. Luckily, a creeper blows up the "crusher" just in time so Jesse and his/her friends fall down safely. From there, they are sucked in by gusts of water to the latter portion of the grinder, causing them to fight even more hostile mobs. Barely escaping, the group find an end portal and jump in.

In the End, the group is confronted by several Endermen, but the group manages to find Soren heading up a staircase. The group decides that the only way to get to him is to safely walk past the Endermen, in which they do so. At the top of the staircase is an area made of wool, but Lukas goes off in a rage, thinking this area was all there was. Lukas storms off as Jesse finds a secret door, which leads them to Soren's house.

Inside his house, Jesse and Olivia stumble upon some music playing and a voice behind a door. Opening it, it is revealed to be a jukebox playing a recording. Frustrated, Olivia searches around the room to look for some clues while Jesse listens to the rest of the records. One of the records talks about Soren making a suit to disguise himself as an Enderman, which Jesse later finds on his/her own. Jesse also finds some blueprints in a chest, in which Olivia believes that it is being used to teach the Endermen to build. After collecting the five clay bricks inside the room, Jesse goes outside to take the sixth brick from an Enderman, causing the Enderman to become "frustrated". Acting quickly, Jesse completes the crafting recipe, only to be knocked out by another person in an Enderman suit. Back inside, it is revealed that the person is indeed Soren. Soren feels suspicious at first, but immediately recognizes the Order when Jesse mentions the Amulet. Gabriel (or Petra) and Soren happily reunite, but their celebration is cut short as Endermen teleport into his house, causing them to escape the End.

Back in the Overworld, the group use a set of minecarts to head back up to the surface. Upon arriving, Magnus and Ellegaard are there to assist the group. As the Wither Storm approaches, both Ellegaard and Magnus request Jesse to take their set of armor. Upon choosing either, Jesse makes haste to craft the Formidi-Bomb. Upon doing so, he/she throws it at the Wither Storm just before it explodes. In the aftermath, the Wither Storm is presumed dead, but either Ellegaard or Magnus also die due to a blow from one of the Storm's tentacles. Jesse then helps out some survivors, but finds out that the command block wasn't destroyed, allowing the Wither Storm to come back to life. Surprisingly, either Gabriel or Petra (whichever the player abandoned at the temple) shows up to assist them, but is forced to retreat to a safer area. It is also revealed that they have amnesia, and have forgotten their names.