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Java Edition




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Indev 0.31のバージョンが2010年1月28日22:31 UTCに公開されました。[1]



Diamond Ore JE1 BE1.png ダイヤモンド鉱石[注釈 1]
  • 元々は "エメラルド鉱石 "と呼ばれていた。
  • Indev houseのチェストには入ってない
Block of Diamond JE1.png ダイヤモンド鉱石[注釈 1]
  • 元の名前は "エメラルドブロック"
  • Indev houseのチェストには入ってない。
Gear.png Gear[注釈 2]
  • Could only be obtained by inventory editing and was initially invisible in the inventory.[2]
    • At some point, this was changed to the animated version as seen when placed in the world.
  • A gear's sprite consisted of two parts; the center rod and the animated gear itself.
  • When hacked into the game, a gear could be placed anywhere, but would show nothing in its block space and was invisible unless horizontally adjacent to one or more blocks.
    • The placed gear would then show a gear sprite on the near side of each of those blocks.
  • A placed gear could not be destroyed by mining a block that its gear sprite was shown on, because the placed gear was actually adjacent to that block.
  • If the block a gear sprite was shown on was destroyed, the adjacent placed gear would no longer show that sprite.
    • Removing all blocks adjacent to a placed gear would remove all of its visible gear sprites, leaving the placed gear invisible.
  • Placed gears could not be destroyed directly by the player; attempts to do so would phase through to the block behind it, much like water.
    • A placed gear could only be removed by a liquid flowing into the gear's block space.


Coal JE1.png Coal[3]
Diamond JE1 BE1.png Diamond[3]
  • Originally named "Emerald"
Gold Ingot JE1 BE1.png Gold ingot[3]
Iron Ingot JE1 BE1.png Iron ingot[3]
Wooden Sword Revision 1.png Wooden Axe JE1 BE1.png Wooden Pickaxe JE1 BE1.png Wooden Shovel JE1 BE1.png
Stone Sword Revision 1.png Stone Axe JE1 BE1.png Stone Pickaxe JE1 BE1.png Stone Shovel JE1 BE1.png
Diamond Sword Revision 1.png Diamond Axe JE1 BE1.png Diamond Pickaxe Revision 1.png Diamond Shovel JE1 BE1.png

World generation

Indev House
  • Items added to the tool chest[3]
    • Iron sword
    • All 16 new item types


  • Pressing b opens the crafting menu[1]
    • Crafting is not functional yet[4]



  • Right-clicking with no hovering stack picks up a single item.[1]
  • Left-clicking with a hovering item stack attempts to deposit the full stack.[1]
    • It does not deposit more items than would create an item stack larger than the maximum stack size.
    • The remainder remains hovering at the pointer.

World generation

Indev house
  • Size of starting item stacks in Indev house chests increased from 99 to 100[3]
  • Maximum item stack size changed from 99 to 50, except for starting items in Indev house chests[3]


Graphical glitch when game starts[1]
  • Clicking corrects it.



  1. a b このバージョンがリリースされる数時間前、遅くとも2010年1月28日17時03分(協定世界時)までに、jarのterrain.pngテクスチャファイルにダイヤモンドブロックダイヤモンド鉱石のテクスチャが追加されていた。
    • これは、彼らが最後にその同じ時間に修正された後のin-20100129 jarのterrain.pngにもある。
    • これは、これらのブロックがこのバージョンで追加された証拠であるが、ギアと同様、インベントリ編集でしかアクセスできなかったかもしれない。
  2. Evidence of gear introduction in this version:
    • The in-20100125-2 jar contains no gear textures.
    • The in-20100129 jar does contain gear textures, which are dated January 26, 2010 1:13-1:15 UTC.
    • Notch's January 26, 2010 1:36 UTC YouTube video displays functioning gears.
    • This is evidence that functional gears were in any version released between January 26, 2010 1:15 UTC and January 29, 2010 14:53 UTC.
      • That includes this version.


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