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20w21aは、2020年5月20日にリリースされたJava Edition 1.16の18番目のスナップショットである[1]。このスナップショットでは、カスタムワールド・ディメンションの実験的なサポートと、バグの修正が行われた。

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

新しいジェネレーターを使用してオーバーワールドに生成されたWarped Forestバイオーム

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Added experimental support for new custom worlds.
  • The "Edit World" menu now has an option to export world settings to a JSON file.
    • Previously exported world settings can be imported during world creation.
  • Many new parameters are exposed but marked as experimental, meaning they can be used but may later be removed.
  • disableChat
    • Disables the receiving and sending of online chat.
  • disableMultiplayer
  • Added functionality to import/export world settings.
  • Added a new sound event for foxes teleporting.
  • Added a subtitle for traveling through a nether portal, "Portal noise fades".
  • Added a subtitle for activating a nether portal, "Portal noise intensifies".
  • Added a subtitle for cat purring, "Cat purrs".
  • Added a subtitle for donkey eating, "Donkey eats".
  • Added a subtitle for fox teleporting, "Fox teleports".
  • Added subtitles for mules neighing and eating; "Mule neighs" and "Mule eats", respectively.
  • Added subtitles for parrots imitating hoglins, piglins, and zoglins; "Parrot growls", "Parrot snorts", and "Parrot growls", respectively.
  • Added subtitles for zombies attacking and breaking wooden doors; "Door shakes" and "Door breaks", respectively.
  • Added subtitles for using cartography tables, looms, and stonecutters; "Map drawn", "Loom used", and "Stonecutter used", respectively.
  • Several of these subtitles do not show up in game, but are specified in sounds.json.

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

ブロック[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • レッドストーンを右クリックすると、クロスしたレッドストーンワイヤーから今までの点のレッドストーンワイヤーに変わるようになった。
    • A dot of redstone does not power surrounding blocks, and a cross does.
    • Redstone which is connected to anything is not toggleable.
  • Now have a hardness of 1.

アイテム[編集 | ソースを編集]

Nether Sprouts
  • Are now positioned in the center of the inventory slot as opposed to the bottom.

Mob[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 金製のアイテムを探しに遠くまで歩かなくなった。
  • If a piglin is hurt while admiring a gold ingot, the ingot now disappears without completing a barter.

ワールド生成[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Increased the chance of ores to generate in the basalt deltas to balance against the reduced amount of netherrack in this biome.

コマンド[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Structure names are now specified as lowercase.
  • Added the ability to control the height.
    • New syntax: /spreadplayers <center> <spreadDistance> <maxRange> [under <maxHeight>] <respectTeams> <targets>
      • maxHeight specifies the maximum height for resulting positions.

ゲームプレイ[編集 | ソースを編集]


全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Removed structure settings from flat level preset strings as it was broken due to the addition of customizable worlds.
読み込み画面で表示される新しいMojangのロゴNew Mojang logo on the loading screen
  • The Dimension NBT tag is now a namespaced ID string instead of a number.
  • Changed the subtitle for zombie villagers converting from "Zombie vociferates" to "Zombie Villager vociferates".
  • Changed the subtitle for zombie villagers being cured from "Zombie snuffles" to "Zombie Villager snuffles".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Blast furnace crackles" to "Blast Furnace crackles".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Enchanting table used" to "Enchanting Table used".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Respawn anchor is charged" to "Respawn Anchor is charged".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Respawn anchor depletes" to "Respawn Anchor depletes".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Respawn anchor sets spawn" to "Respawn Anchor sets spawn".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Turtle egg breaks" to "Turtle Egg breaks".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Turtle egg cracks" to "Turtle Egg cracks".
  • Changed the capitalization of "Turtle egg hatches" to "Turtle Egg hatches".
  • Removed the subtitle "Horse lands".
  • Removed wither roses from the #prevent_mob_spawning_inside block tag.
  • Old customized worlds (from before Java Edition 1.13) now say "Old Customized" in the world selection screen.

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • MC-97247 – Map making sound uses equipment sound subtitle.
  • MC-97507 – Using item which modifies the held item shows “Gear equips” subtitle.
  • MC-107103 – Trying to interact with entity 3 or more blocks away without seeing its eyes only interacts client-side.
  • MC-113068 – Zombie banging on door subtitle is called "Block broken".
  • MC-123155 – When any non-player entity enters an End portal the obsidian platform is not regenerated and the entity can fall into the void.
  • MC-128658 – ワールドタイプビュッフェのネザー、エンドバイオームでブロックが正しく設置されない。
  • MC-147691 – Enderman does not hit or damage the player if they keep standing still.
  • MC-166292 – Subtitle from foxes eating chorus fruit: "Player teleports".
  • MC-167076 – Seagrass, tall seagrass, and sea pickles don't obscure direct sunlight when waterlogged.
  • MC-169764 – Fish flopping sound shows "Footsteps" subtitles.
  • MC-177080 – Sounds for travelling through a portal have no subtitle.
  • MC-177088 – Polar bear step sound does not have subtitles.
  • MC-183249 – Carving Mask BitSets created for lower chunk statuses.
  • MC-170930 – Nether Sprouts item not visible when held in the hand in first person.
  • MC-172090 – Piglins would rather hold a golden item instead of a crossbow.
  • MC-172207 – オウムがHoglin、Zoglin、Piglinの鳴き声を真似しない。
  • MC-172255 – Piglins immediately dismount any entity that they are riding.
  • MC-175656 – Piglins will keep gold ingots in their inventories if attacked while admiring them.
  • MC-177438 – Turtle egg's name inconsistently capitalized across different subtitles.
  • MC-177830 – Blackstone and basalt prevent Ancient Debris and other Nether ores from generating.
  • MC-178130 – Zombie villagers are called “Zombie” in some subtitles.
  • MC-178212 – Nether planks, their variants, and hyphae are harder than stems.
  • MC-178298 – Ancient debris and nether gold ore cannot generate in Basalt Deltas.
  • MC-180257 – Crash when setting LodestonePos of compass to something other than NBT compound.
  • MC-180852 – There is no space on the beacon's secondary power effects in the UI.
  • MC-181270 – Trying to open old worlds (in Region format?) without version information in snapshots does not show warning screen.
  • MC-181298 – Game crashes when trying to generate a nether biome superflat world with ruined portals.
  • MC-181439 – Player or dispenser using a bucket at world height limit will play bucket sound despite failing.
  • MC-181463 – The buttons are not selected in the right order using Tab in the new world creation menus.
  • MC-181499 – Buckets cannot be emptied into a source block, but still produce a sound when trying.
  • MC-181511 – Chunks with redstone are removed.
  • MC-181522 – Chunks that have not been explored since 1.13 are resetting.
  • MC-181535 – Placing water with a dispenser facing a water source drops the bucket
  • MC-181611 – Vindicators stop attacking you when they are standing really close to you.
  • MC-182514 – 15 block states per sub-chunk limit during world upgrade.
  • MC-182743 – ウィザースケルトンがウィザーローズに囲まれた場所にスポーンしない。
  • MC-182912 – Piglinが今持っているクロスボウからエンチャントされたクロスボウに持ち替えようとしない。
  • MC-183786 – Named seeds that are not numbers are not being recognized.

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]

  1. "Minecraft Snapshot 20w21a" –、2020年5月20日