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Minecraft 19w45a
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19w45aは、2019年11月7日にリリースされたJava Edition 1.15の12番目のスナップショットである[1]

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • エンティティタグ arrows が追加された。

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

ブロック[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • フェンスと木材から、(Bedrock Editionのように)木材ハーフブロックを用いてクラフトするようになった。

Mob[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 自分自身から最大10ブロックまでを全方向に探索して巣を探すようになった。
  • エンダーマンの真似をしなくなった。

ワールド生成[編集 | ソースを編集]

ゲームプレイ[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 実績「狙いを定めて」を、光の矢を用いてエンティティにダメージを与えることで達成できるようになった。
  • The composter recipe now unlocks with wooden slabs instead of wooden fences.

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Shield pattern textures now use alpha level for determining what gets the color, instead of the brightness (i.e., textures no longer store transparency as black).
  • Changed the unused textures for the Java Edition 1.13 menu panorama to be 1×1 pixels.
  • Removed textures for customized world type preset icons, except Isles.

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • MC-3591 – Cured zombie villagers do not drop picked up items.
  • MC-24336 – Withers are harmed by the explosions of their wither skulls.
  • MC-58177 – Night vision rendered darker and orange when nearing light sources with brightness on moody.
  • MC-94013 – End stone bricks are less durable than end stone and destroyed by the ender dragon.
  • MC-117635 – Rear legs of sitting tamed wolf are displayed hovering.
  • MC-133877 – Extreme lag from decaying leaves.
  • MC-147548 – Terrible performance with large forest fires.
  • MC-149181 – Biome blend causes massive stuttering when loading chunks or when placing/breaking blocks.
  • MC-149343 – Chunk block lag when a tall spruce tree is grown in that chunk.
  • MC-152159 – Players can hit the dragon during its death animation.
  • MC-152683 – Spectral arrow does not count for "Take Aim" achievement.
  • MC-153334 – Cured villagers sell bookshelves for 1 emerald and buy books for 1 emerald, allowing players to easily get an unlimited amount of emeralds.
  • MC-153697 – Iron golems will occasionally attack players in creative/spectator mode.
  • MC-155289 – Mob spawning rate in the Overworld is reduced.
  • MC-155758 – Endermen do not pick up non-collidable blocks.
  • MC-159496 – Player death uses incorrect sound event.
  • MC-160177 – Block breaking animation does not show for other players.
  • MC-161002 – Endermen do not turn to face the player when looked at.
  • MC-162905 – Kelp naturally generates with age too low.
  • MC-164397 – Birches no longer generate in dark forest biome.
  • MC-159350 – Bees freeze if they cannot execute their current AI task / bees do not seem to have a wandering AI.
  • MC-159368 – Bees do not follow players holding tall flowers.
  • MC-159410 – Bees with NoAI can get angry.
  • MC-159418 – Bees do not update their home hive even if there are empty hives nearby.
  • MC-159447 – Bees occasionally get stuck on fences, fence gates, and walls.
  • MC-159514 – Bees are flying back to original nest.
  • MC-159576 – Yiddish is displayed left-to-right instead of right-to-left.
  • MC-159646 – Bees get stuck on cocoa beans.
  • MC-159648 – Bees can claim hives behind walls.
  • MC-159803 – Bees wander too far from their nest and get lost.
  • MC-160291 – Bees leave their nest/hive when it is sheared or used to fill bottles, even there is a campfire below it and it is night time.
  • MC-160978 – Foxes do not consume food anymore.
  • MC-161009 – Bee nests and hives drop-in Creative mode even if /gamerule doTileDrops is set to false.
  • MC-161277 – Graphics card information displays method calls on the debug/F3 screen.
  • MC-161302 – Banners appear blank white for a split of a second when placing them.
  • MC-161849 – Items in inventory, subtitles, background, chat, notifications on the screen and game menu are darker and have a blue tint when players have the night vision effect.
  • MC-161896 – Some transparent items make transparent blocks and beacon beams do not render behind them.
  • MC-161923 – Breaking animation is rendered behind water and nether portals.
  • MC-161926 – Breaking animation is more transparent when mining ice or stained glass.
  • MC-161927 – Pillagers do not have any arms if they are not carrying a crossbow.
  • MC-161948 – Models with alpha channels do not render all faces consistently.
  • MC-161976 – Enchanted trident loses enchanted glint when thrown into the ground.
  • MC-162013 – Player model in inventory is affected by light level.
  • MC-162078 – Bees cannot pathfind if they are submerged in water.
  • MC-162279 – Beacon beam loses color at high altitudes.
  • MC-162338 – Entity shadows do not display properly on transparent blocks.
  • MC-162368 – Burning mobs are no longer bright.
  • MC-162519 – Block hitboxes are rendered transparent.
  • MC-162569 – Placing torches in water causes serious lag and stuttering.
  • MC-162736 – Text cursor disappears when editing sign text.
  • MC-162808 – Poppies are positioned incorrectly when held by an iron golem.
  • MC-163012 – Bees no longer have an animation while pollinating flowers.
  • MC-163048 – Barrier particle changes to a random texture after changing resource pack.
  • MC-163054 – Bee Flower tracking/pollination AI broken.
  • MC-163064 – Character skin is too dark in inventory.
  • MC-163079 – Chunk borders are rendered in front of all non-transparent blocks.
  • MC-163084 – Beacon beam lighting depends on viewing angle.
  • MC-163113 – Placing a banner cause an error in the game output.
  • MC-163144 – World border is rendered in front of all non-transparent blocks.
  • MC-163233 – Entity shadows render in front of block hitboxes.
  • MC-163242 – Blocks on armor stands render shadows based on camera vector.
  • MC-163270 – Sign in sign editing GUI is too dark.
  • MC-163282 – Shadows are z-fighting when riding an entity.
  • MC-163353 – Left wings and legs of the ender dragon are shaded darker than right wings and legs.
  • MC-163412 – Elder guardian particle is rendering too dark.
  • MC-163789 – Mysterious blinking pixels when in lava.
  • MC-163854 – Breaking animation is flipped horizontally on some sides.
  • MC-163870 – Advancements menu still is not clipped properly on small GUI scale.
  • MC-164012 – 3D inventory models transformed into 2D inventory models have a non-transparent background.
  • MC-164020 – Bees are not taking pollen from tall flowers anymore.
  • MC-164070 – Dispensed armor stands only face south.
  • MC-164114 – Falling blocks no longer support glowing effect.
  • MC-164121 – Entities in spawners are rendered too dark.
  • MC-164289 – Entity shadows cause clouds behind them to not render.
  • MC-164448 – While trading with villagers, the experience progress bar shoots beyond the GUI.
  • MC-164485 – Superflat preset icons cause text to not render.
  • MC-164514 – Blazes and ghasts can light campfires even when mobGriefing is false.
  • MC-164732 – When lighting a campfire below a beehive, the campfire does not light up and instead, the hive starts to burn.
  • MC-164759 – Potions held by witches float above their arm.
  • MC-164778 – Parrots can still imitate endermen.

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]

  1. "Minecraft Snapshot 19w45a" –、2019年11月7日