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Minecraft 19w40a

Java Edition








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19w40aは、2019年10月2日にリリースされたJava Edition 1.15の8番目のスナップショットである[1]。このスナップショットでは、以前のスナップショットで発生していた多数のバグが修正された。

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

Mob[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • プレイヤーがエンティティに騎乗中であっても、プレイヤーの肩に座れるようになった。

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • インベントリでのブロック右側のライティングが、19w39aより以前のように再び暗くなった。ただし、インベントリのモデルは以前のものより明るくなっている。

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • MC-49203 – Rendering depth of beacon and ender chest in superflat preview is wrong.
  • MC-69302 – Non-trivial blocks on the Achievements screen/Advancement tabs are rendered in the wrong order.
  • MC-79867 – Guardian beam brightens nearby entities.
  • MC-89996hoverEvent changes lighting for displayed block of minecart and end crystal.
  • MC-108893 – Standing in a chunk with an end crystal with a beam target causes entity shading to render incorrectly.
  • MC-153298 – Wandering traders can spawn inside small spaces, such as farms.
  • MC-158843 – Mobs can no longer spawn on jack o' lanterns and redstone lamps.
  • MC-161902 – Game crashes when a turtle ridden by an illager enters water.
  • MC-159843 – Exploded bee nests/bee hives does not release bees and does not keep them inside the block.
  • MC-160499 – Baby bees suffocate when against a solid block ceiling.
  • MC-160586 – Bees enter the burning nest or hive.
  • MC-160589 – Bees will not escape from the burning nest or hive.
  • MC-160590 – Bees do not leave their nest or hive when the nest or hive is destroyed by flames.
  • MC-160887 – Right-clicking an adult mule with spawn egg does not spawn baby mule.
  • MC-161831 – Some blocks/entities are rendered transparent when looking at them from certain angles.
  • MC-161836 – Map texture transparency is not handled correctly when looking at it in first-person mode.
  • MC-161843 – Flat inventory items render too dark in GUI.
  • MC-161851 – Block animations are way too fast.
  • MC-161852 – End portal and end gateway texture is rendered offset.
  • MC-161853 – Breaking animation is rotated and positioned incorrectly and will follow the player's mouse cursor.
  • MC-161858 – Turtles have a broken model; legs are completely detached from the body.
  • MC-161871 – Programmer art enchantment glint has not been updated to the new resource pack format.
  • MC-161877 – Mipmap levels are not handled correctly/flickering leaves and other blocks.
  • MC-161879 – Hitbox of transparent blocks, such as slime blocks, stained glass or ice, appears behind the block texture.
  • MC-161882 – Game crashes when player model is rendered after the player is stung by a bee.
  • MC-161887 – Glowing effect does not respect texture transparency.
  • MC-161894 – Hitboxes render behind portals, water, and shulker boxes.
  • MC-161905 – Sign text glows in the dark.
  • MC-161908 – Programmer art chest textures have not been updated to the new resource pack format.
  • MC-161909 – Programmer art banner pattern textures have not been updated to the new resource pack format.
  • MC-161916 – If the player is inside of a block, that block is no longer rendered.
  • MC-161931 – Lower player model not showing while in a boat.
  • MC-161934 – Spawn eggs are incorrectly colored when held in the hand.
  • MC-161946 – Baby polar bear model is broken.
  • MC-161995 – Baby panda model is completely broken.
  • MC-162054 – Glowing effect also applies to the blocks below the affected mob.

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]

  1. "Minecraft Snapshot 19w40a" –、2019年10月2日