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Java Edition 16w44a

提供: Minecraft Wiki
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Java Edition











16w44a は、1.11 の14番目のスナップショットである[1]

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

全般[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • 58の高さのブロックからも落下しなくなった
    • 以前は1ブロック以上だった

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • MC-2334 – Sneaking on shorter than full blocks (chests, enchantment table...) will make you fall nonetheless
  • MC-36360 – No player sound when "Friendly Creatures" sounds are turned off
  • MC-58812 – Pick-Block and drag will only create a limited number of stacks for an item
  • MC-73494 – Translation for white wool and white carpet is incorrect (US)
  • MC-86818 – Lingering and splash potions show invalid name in statistics
  • MC-87364 – Missing error message for failed scoreboard players tag
  • MC-87989 – Wrong line when casting fishing rod in third person view
  • MC-89174/enchant with any invalid ID displays message "There is no such enchantment with ID 0"
  • MC-92105 – Splash and lingering potion ignore Ambient and ShowParticles tag
  • MC-94352 – frame drops with active VBOs-setting when breaking blocks
  • MC-98922 – Fishing hook / bobber cannot kill itself after 1200 ticks and bounces on land
  • MC-99353 – Elytra becomes transparent when wearing enchanted armor
  • MC-99598 – Sticky pistons with slime blocks acting crazy
  • MC-102888 – Stray overlay turns dark blue when wearing enchanted armor
  • MC-109277 – Fishing rod bobber has incorrect NBT values
  • MC-105966 – Snapshot incompatible with realms message is missing
  • MC-106040 – Command feedback from /testforblock the wrong way around
  • MC-106062 – Language pre-selection is set to "English (US)" even with different choice
  • MC-106586 – Snowballs duplicate when thrown
  • MC-107172 – Hitbox of Marker:true armor stands lets their names now appear above them
  • MC-107189 – Elytra still has big model with small mobs/armor stands
  • MC-107321 – Marker armor stands can be set on fire
  • MC-107494 – Cannot summon vex with empty right hand
  • MC-107550 – Curse of Vanishing book listed in "Miscellaneous" tab
  • MC-107555/debug command missing decimal places
  • MC-107558 – Illager spawn locations keep original block
  • MC-107601/enchant command doesn't allow to put "Curse of Binding" on skulls or pumpkins
  • MC-107623 – Observer instant wire
  • MC-107631 – Smooth andesite in woodland mansion is sometimes replaced by default worldgen blocks
  • MC-107639 – Shulker box can't be read by comparators if placed by dispensers until block update
  • MC-107697 – Llamas spinning
  • MC-107760 – Observer activating in odd circumstances
  • MC-107796 – When opening the shulker box it makes the shulker glitch back and forth
  • MC-107822 – Curse of Binding cannot be applied to elytra in Survival mode.
  • MC-107872 – Random cobblestone walls spawn next to mansions
  • MC-107882 – Comparator not updating when shulker box behind block is broken
  • MC-107948 – Observer block detects distant placement of tripwire hook
  • MC-107977 – Item not shown in hand when middle click dragging
  • MC-108008 – Hitbox of Marker:1 armor stands lets passengers appear now ABOVE them
  • MC-108034 – Wrong armor stand hitbox and hitbox update
  • MC-108054 – Observer rotates when being udpated, moved and then reloaded
  • MC-108076 – Cartographer villager unlocking exploration map causes HUGE lag
  • MC-108109 – Fire doesn't disappear after death
  • MC-108127TransferCooldown tag gets reset when item enters hopper
  • MC-108128 – Chaining too many observer blocks crashes the game
  • MC-108159 – Duplicate structure file of woodland mansion room
  • MC-108168 – Shulker box isn't rotated correctly with structure block
  • MC-108222 – Incorrect value is written for unlimitedTracking tag in map data
  • MC-108317 – Inconsistent capitalization "Note block" in subtitles
  • MC-108321 – Text does not appear in the action bar while chat is set to hidden
  • MC-108373 – Area effect clouds created by exploding creeper ignore ShowParticles and Ambient tag
  • MC-108496 – Moving a powered fence gate with a piston doesn't properly update the fence gate
  • MC-108521 – Animals have trouble jumping up 1 block when led
  • MC-108560 – Inconsistent dropper/dispenser behavior from observer signal
  • MC-108616 – "Local Brewery" achievement icon is an uncraftable potion
  • MC-108678 – Observer inconsistent signal
  • MC-108697 – Observers send out a 2 redstone tick pulse as opposed to 1
  • MC-108702 – Observer updates weirdly in reaction to opening/closing chests
  • MC-108865 – Fangs cannot be summoned on transparent blocks
  • MC-108877 – "Local Brewery" achievement can be obtained improperly
  • MC-108945 – The totem of undying appears on relog.
  • MC-108952 – Evocation illagers run away from the player or villagers even when on the same team
  • MC-109020 – Weird behavior with tagged & markered armor stands.
  • MC-109021 – Bursting lingering water bottle produces an effect cloud
  • MC-109058 – Shulker bullet, small fireball, wither skull and fireball cannot hurt/hit vex
  • MC-109078 – Entities become transparent when armor stand with elytra is rendered
  • MC-109086 – Piston extension have missing model textures for structure void
  • MC-109150 – Player phases inside block pushed by piston when sneaking.
  • MC-109240 – Zombies picking up multiple items but only dropping one
  • MC-109283 – Freeze when quitting a level while the /locate command is busy searching
  • MC-109226 – Repeaters and comparators don't update non-solid blocks in front of them
  • MC-109255 – Fishing line has unlimited distance
  • MC-109256 – Casting fishing rod while looking straight down freezes server
  • MC-109269 – Player cannot cast a fishing rod while directly looking up
  • MC-109276 – Hopper clock spam empty lines in game output
  • MC-109290 – Fishing rod bobber floating in the air (lost the gravity), when the mob died
  • MC-109306 – Shulker boxes lose their Lock tag when mined.

トリビア[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • このスナップショットのブログ投稿は Thomas "ProfMobius" Guimbretière による初めての投稿で、Baguette という偽名を使用してのものだった[2]

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]