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Java Edition 1.8/開発版

提供: Minecraft Wiki
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このページは、Java Edition 1.8の開発版をまとめた一覧である。


14w03bは、14w03aのバグと一部のクラッシュを修正するためにリリースされた、Java Edition 1.8 の5番目のスナップショットである。


Java Edition 1.8以前にリリースされたバージョンから
  • MC-17156/give command throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on high Item ID values.
  • MC-40420 – MAJOR texture/rendering glitch.
  • MC-45254 – Bold text is not correctly (right/center) aligned (invalid string length).
Java Edition 1.8の開発版から
  • MC-44533 – Piston copies appear when pistons retract.
  • MC-44606 – Door replacing block.
  • MC-44673 – Duplication bug of doors using redstone torches.
  • MC-44702 – Selector arguments not working in the expected location.
  • MC-44870 – Name IDs don't work in most data tags.
  • MC-44886 – Can't do /spawnpoint.
  • MC-44990 – Iron bars, regular glass panes and cauldrons aren't transparent.
  • MC-44993 – Custom player heads are messed up.
  • MC-45004 – Placing flower pots crashes game.
  • MC-45014 – Realms invited player skins are messed up.
  • MC-45018 – Being killed makes your character lose his/her hat.
  • MC-45026Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Rendering screen.
  • MC-45032 – Ender chest bug (using /fill).
  • MC-45034 – Graphical bug involving sky plane.
  • MC-45065 – Game crashes when a player dies in the End and respawns at their bed.


14w04bは、14w04aのバグと一部のクラッシュを修正するためにリリースされた、Java Edition 1.8 の7番目のスナップショットである。


Java Edition 1.8の開発版から
  • MC-44039 – Hidden capes reappear when going through a portal.
  • MC-45041 – setblock on a tile entity with "replace" doesn't seem to work.
  • MC-45082 – Skin layers appear to be off when traveling through portals.
  • MC-45238 – Minecraft 14w03b - No Anvildamage to Players in any gamemode.
  • MC-45281 – Cloned command block crashes.
  • MC-45482 – Killing a mob always gives you a rare loot (100% chance).
  • MC-45496 – Server disconnects player when player takes damage from mob.
  • MC-45516 – Furnaces stop operating between launches.
  • MC-45528 – Grass under snow doesn't have the snowy texture.
  • MC-45552 – Item frames duplicate on (re)loading.
  • MC-45605 – Item frames do not give off a signal if placed on snow.
  • MC-45628 – Monster dungeons not spawning.
  • MC-45689 – Clock not showing in item frame.
  • MC-45747 – Item frames can't be placed and already placed drop down.