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1.8.1[1] は、2014年11月24日にリリースされた[2] Minecraft のアップデートである。1.8.1 は 1.8 のサーバーと互換性がある[3]

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • doEntityDrops - doTileDropsdoMobDropsと同様に機能するが、非Mobエンティティ(トロッコ、絵画など)に適用される[4]
  • 新しいブロックの適切なカラー表示サポートが追加された

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • doTileDropsはエンティティに影響しなくなった
  • クリーパーから逃げなくなった
  • 様々な改善
  • 多くの最適化
  • レッドストーンで延長できるようになった
  • 新しく生成された魔女の家は、Y=64~71にウィッチをスポーンするようになった
  • これにより、魔女農場[要出典]で3つの床ができるようになった
  • 「マルチプレイヤー設定」の名前を「チャット設定」に変更しました。
  • オフ/ファンシー/速い雲。
  • 雲のオン/オフ。
  • ファスト / ファンシーは雲と雨の粒子のみを制御するようになりました。
  • 速いグラフィックスで回転します。

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • MC-3 – ある場合に、プレイヤーがネザーポータルを通過すると、視点の向きが変わる
  • MC-349 – 村人が取引のデータタグを無視した取引をする
  • MC-954 – 水中に空気ブロックが生成される
  • MC-1237 – 金床の GUI で長い名前を付けると、最後の文字が青色のボックスに置き換わる
  • MC-1279 – ゆっくりとビーコンが回転する
  • MC-1607 – AMD / ATI グラフィックスカードでのレイヤーの欠落のため、ジ・エンドに見えないエンドポータルが生成される
  • MC-3448 – 統計で、草のアイコンが枯れ木になる
  • MC-4158 – ネザーポータルを通ると、時々空中にテレポートする
  • MC-4167 – 経験値オーブが、Mobを殺してから一秒程度で場所を切り替える
  • MC-6261 – 醸造台がカスタムポーションをドロップしない
  • MC-6594doTileDropsがfalseに設定されていても、生きていないエンティティ(ボート、トロッコ、落下砂、額縁、絵画) がアイテムを落とす
  • MC-10808 – アームに石がなくても、ピストンアームのダッシュ・破壊パーティクルがピストンとして同じパーティクルを使用している
  • MC-12013 – 経験値オーブがスポーン後に透明になっている
  • MC-25646 – ジュークボックスにディスクを入れ、同時に壊すと音楽が再生され続ける
  • MC-37782 – ウィッチが持っているアイテムが小さすぎる
  • MC-38372 – ダッシュバグ
  • MC-45537 – 階段やハーフブロックの下または逆向きの階段や上付きハーフブロックの上にボタンを設置できない
  • MC-46579 – スニーク中に三人称視点で手に持っているアイテムが高すぎる
  • MC-47052 – ウィザーがバリアブロックを破壊する
  • MC-48011 – エンダードラゴンの落とした経験値がゲームルールdoMobLootの影響を受けない
  • MC-48130 – タブをクリックする際に/fillreplaceコマンドを実行しても敷き詰められない
  • MC-49126 – グロウストーンの鉱脈の最下層が生成されない
  • MC-49538 – Achievement "Overpowered" Has Misleading Icon
  • MC-50263 – Lighting bug affecting End portal frames with eye
  • MC-52717 – Placing heads / skulls break existing blocks
  • MC-53718 – Chicken jockey riding inside chicken
  • MC-54551 – Resizing window while in Customized World Settings snaps back to Customized Settings page 1
  • MC-54707 – Command: /setblock minecraft:sign produces a confusing error message
  • MC-55661 – Animals don't teleport to player when target is air block
  • MC-56574/tellraw open_url isn't showing url
  • MC-57633 – Minecraft crashes when specific command is used
  • MC-58307 – Air bubbles appear after drowning and still dead
  • MC-58568 – Item frames with items in them do not frustum culling properly causing sevre FPS lag
  • MC-59216 – Unable to build iron golem and snow golem with jack o'lantern
  • MC-59358 – "/spawnpoint <player>" (without coordinates) is not working
  • MC-59360 – Levers pop off non-solid blocks
  • MC-61587/summon Rotation
  • MC-61640 – Snow layers can't be placed on top of another full snow layer block
  • MC-61653 – Mojang's API for retrieving players from UUIDs isn't working consistantly
  • MC-62140 – 2 block tall flowers generated in previous version removes the 2nd block
  • MC-62206 – barrier block can cause mobs to get stuck and suffocate to death
  • MC-62758 – Tall flowers drop two items when block below is broken
  • MC-63466Ctrl +Pick Block gives a steve head instead of a head with the owner's skin
  • MC-64082 – Enchantment options for individual players are reset after death. KeepInventory does not have any affect
  • MC-64427/worldborder,/scoreboard and /debug with invalid arguments don't print an error message
  • MC-64484 – Fire charge plays no sound due to incorrect sound file reference
  • MC-64653/execute particle leaves a false particle trail to 0,0,0
  • MC-64773/particle autocompletion
  • MC-64846 – Cannot extend potion of leaping to eight minutes using redstone in a brewing stand
  • MC-65603 – Ender dragon does not obey NoAI tag
  • MC-65834 – Snow layers placed against the side of a block are placed one block too far out
  • MC-65945 – Enderman blocks look weird when invisible
  • MC-66324/clone has incomplete syntax
  • MC-66658/kill does not tab autocomplete with a player's name
  • MC-66786 – Incorrect death message for dispensed harming potions
  • MC-66861 – when press Tab ↹ on /entitydata, players pop up
  • MC-66922 – <effect> argument in /effect does not show clear in help syntax
  • MC-67437 – Lightning gives AI to witches and zombie pigman that were originally pigs and villagers that had NoAI set to 1
  • MC-68160 – Placing a colored banner on a cactus drops a black banner
  • MC-68247 – Beacon beam disappears while looking upwards from it
  • MC-68400 – Creative Inventory vert. scrollbar changes without scrolling
  • MC-68497 – Cut/Copy function updates clipboard even if nothing is selected
  • MC-68654 – Tab Complete - /effect and /enchant
  • MC-68745/resourcepacks/ folder is not automatically created when initially starting the game
  • MC-68891 – Mobs think daylight sensor is a full block, causing them to jump while trying to get off it
  • MC-69266 – Snow layer placing behavior buggy and inconsistent
  • MC-69323 – Certain commands do not allow tab completing coordinate arguments
  • MC-69823/debug help text wrong
  • MC-69983 – Multiplayer Settings named wrongly
  • MC-69984 – The "Defaults" popup on the customized world generation options screen doesn't disable hovering over stuff behind it
  • MC-69989 – Debug worlds generate one column twice
  • MC-70054 – Rabbits don't follow players holding golden carrots or dandelions
  • MC-70111 – When a thrown ender pearl is in the air, it disappears after relogging
  • MC-70305 – "Sprint" is in the wrong category in Controls screen
  • MC-70308 – Bottom outline is missing in the Controls screen buttons
  • MC-70338 – Hopper: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space - creating debug image whilst stitching textures
  • MC-70359 – Block breaking remains when eating/blocking with a sword
  • MC-70431 – Minecraft 1.8 skin bug! (The layer in the right arm, does not show completely in first person)
  • MC-70472 – Crash when trying to connect to a server with more than 73 characters address
  • MC-70565 – when opening a chest in modded servers Minecraft crashes continuously
  • MC-70675 – End credits make no mention of Ryan Holtz (TheMogMiner) or Michael Stoyke (Searge)
  • MC-71436 – Screen goes black when "highlighting" players in spectator mode
  • MC-71777/achievement take taking too many achievements
  • MC-71973 – Tab list headers and footers stay even when rejoining a different server
  • MC-71981 – Uploading a hardcore world to Realms retains auto-ban
  • MC-72166 – Banners disappear at some angles
  • MC-72524 – Can't place buttons on top of redstone blocks
  • MC-72583doTileDrops affects item frames
  • MC-72688/execute Detect gives false positive when in different dimension
  • MC-72806 – When using /stop server executes the shutdown sequence twice (and hangs if players are online)
  • MC-72868 – Mobs glitch through the ground under certain conditions
  • MC-72869 – The 'Defaults' button on the Customized world screen does not disable itself after use
  • MC-72871 – Resizing the game makes buttons on "Defaults" popup on Customized world GUI disappear
  • MC-73098 – Zombie Pigman Unusual Behaviour
  • MC-74843 – Ender Dragon ignores CustomName
From the 1.7.2 development versions
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-44474 – Smooth teleportation while falling glitches player back up
  • MC-46455 – If you switch gamemode while inside a block or mob, you glitch inside it
  • MC-46670 – Withers trapped in a barrier box attacks barriers, killing it
  • MC-46809/say Not showing villager entity data if 'CustomName' provided
  • MC-47987 – Entering a mobs view in spectator mode does not change if world is changed
  • MC-48220 – Constantly re-destroying a block with a command block eventually leads to server freezing
  • MC-48633 – Operation, test and enable doesn't show up as options when typing /scoreboard players
  • MC-50695FallingSand becomes invisible when player rides anything
  • MC-51515 – SpreadPlayers Entity WitherSkull
  • MC-53046 – Odd LAN behavior and crash
  • MC-53558 – World Generator Crash when creating a custom new world (Different than others)
  • MC-53983 – Loading World on New World or loading screen disappears if the window size is changed
  • MC-54575 – Part of stair becomes invisible when placing a block near it
  • MC-54626 – Chicken jockey falls into solid block when chicken dies
  • MC-54929 – Fast creeper bug (aka Creeper Zurg Rush)
  • MC-55767 – Unable to hide wither skull names
  • MC-56798 – Replacing water does not stop its flow
  • MC-57266 – While using fast graphics, tree leaves render as fancy in the distance
  • MC-58132 – Spectator mode layer glitch
  • MC-58908/help for /worldborder not updated
  • MC-61610 – Bedrock at Y0 has wood log in it at x0 y0 z0
  • MC-61828 – Guardian doesn't attack Players
  • MC-61844 – Creepers target iron golems, causing terrain damage without interaction of a player
  • MC-62103 – Bug with regeneration effect
  • MC-64353 – Leaving an area then coming back create ghost chests
  • MC-64515 – Inconsistency in piston timing
  • MC-64598 – Creative search tab text becomes offset
  • MC-64727 – Breaking Door corruption/crash
  • MC-65276 – Bow when held is upside down
  • MC-68880 – Rabbit falls through snow layers and suffocates
  • MC-69489 – Can't summon Enderpearl
  • MC-69562 – Can't play LAN whilst offline
  • MC-69862 – Can't open chest/Furnace/ with item in hand
  • MC-74231 – Flower Pot's Blockdata won't visually update

References[編集 | ソースを編集]