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Bedrock Edition





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このバージョンでは、Education Editionケミストリー・アップデートでの要素の追加も追加されている。

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

A periodic table of elements.
  • Water has a completely new look and it is now much easier to see above and underwater
  • Added Education Edition toggle
    • Can be toggled in Cheats
    • Activates Chemistry Update features when toggled
  • Added various chemical elements and compounds.
  • Dolphin
  • Underwater ruins
  • Underwater caves
  • Sea pickle
  • Heart of the Sea
    • Version exclusive: Has an unique texture
    • Obtainable inside buried treasure chest loot.
    • Currently has no use
  • Nautilus Shell
    • Version exclusive: Has an unique texture
    • Currently has no use
  • Potion
    • Antidote
      • Brewed by adding silver to awkward potion
      • Removes poison effect
    • Elixir
      • Brewed by adding cobalt to awkward potion
      • Removes weakness effect
    • Eye drop
      • Brewed by adding calcium to awkward potion
      • Removes blindness effect
    • Tonic
      • Brewed by adding bismuth to awkward potion
      • Removes nausea effect

Features from Chemistry Update[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Added Compound Creator
    • Used to create compound from elements
  • Added Element Constructor
    • Used to create elements
  • Added Lab Table
    • Used to create new item or block by combining element and compound
  • Added Material Reducer
    • Used to create chemical material from blocks
  • Added Balloon
    • Entity which can be tied to fence and mob, similar to leash knot.
    • Will make mobs float on air when used to mob
  • Added Ice Bomb
    • Projectile that can transform water into ice
  • Added Underwater TNT
    • TNT that can destroy block underwater
  • Added Sparkler
    • Can be used as offhand item
    • Appears in orange, purple, red and green.
  • Added Super Fertilizer
    • Used to grow plant maturely in single use
  • Added Heat Block
    • Can melt snow and ice, similar to torch
  • Added Colored Torch
    • Appear in Blue, Red, Purple, and Green.
  • Added Underwater Torch
    • Torch that can be placed underwater.
  • Added Hardened Glass and Hardened Glass Pane
    • Appear in 16 colors and undyed version.
  • Added Glow Stick
    • Appears in 16 colors
  • Added Bleach

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Players now able to swim through 1x1 gaps
  • Cod model updated
  • Updated textures for Stripped Jungle Wood, Fish Spawn Eggs, Coral Fans, and Dried Kelp Blocks and the Kelp item.
  • Items will now float to the top of water
  • Shipwrecks now use a variety of Trapdoors
  • New animation for Trident with Riptide
  • Cauldrons now can be used underwater, but require a trapdoor on top
  • Polar Bears and Strays can now spawn in frozen oceans
Minecraft Bedrock Edition rail under water
  • The breath meter no longer instantly refills
  • Fish Spawn Eggs are no longer within Experimental gameplay
  • Spawn points can now be set using Beds during the day
  • Baby Zombies can now burn in daylight
  • Zombies and Skeletons now burn in daylight while in boats
  • Riptide enchantment
    • No longer compatible with Loyalty and Channeling enchantment.
    • Now will pull player when thrown in water or raining, but does nothing on land, instead of thrown
  • Rails now work underwater

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Fixed several of the top crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after rating content in the Marketplace
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when importing an Add-On with an invalid manifest file
  • Skin selections will once again save after closing the game or signing out
  • Item names and descriptions will once again appear using touch controls on Classic UI
  • "Destroy Block (vibrate)" toggle once appears in Touch settings
  • Fixed Villager trades becoming deactivated in certain cases when using touch controls
  • Soul Sand and Gravel once again generate in the Nether
  • Activated resource packs will now stay active upon downloading any other resource pack during world creation
  • Disconnecting a controller while making input no longer continues that input until the controller is reconnected
  • Lava with a block on top no longer prevents fire damage to entities and will fix Chicken cookers
  • Fixed the appearance of bubbles around the Guardian laser attack
  • Underwater effect is no longer applied when the player's head is above water
  • Initiating World Template screen now shows a progress bar
  • Water source blocks surrounding Glass and Sea Lanterns no longer turn into flowing water blocks
  • Fire Resistance potions now protect Snow Golems from dying in warm biomes
  • Disconnected water flows no longer visually show as connected
  • Chroma Hills HD Texture Pack fonts now apply correctly
  • Split-Screen controls are no longer mixed up when the game is launched while using keyboard and mouse input on Xbox One
  • The default author for books are now set to "Author Unknown"
  • Buttons made from Oak or Stone are now displayed as Oak Button and Stone Button, respectively
  • '/clear' will now clear items held in hand when playing in Classic UI
  • Improvements to Store load times
以前の Build バージョンから
  • Fixed a crash that occurred for the host of a multiplayer game when pressing Save & Quit
  • Fixed a crash that occurred for multiplayer clients when Pufferfish inflated
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening chests from shipwrecks
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering size coordinates into Remix 3D exporting on Windows 10
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when pushing/pulling a chest with a Sticky Piston underwater
  • Increased performance in oceans
  • Swimming controls no longer override Creative flying controls
  • Adjustments to the camera view of the swimming animation
  • Water in Cauldrons is no longer invisible
  • Warm oceans are now easier to find
  • Enchanted Tridents no longer flash red when set on fire
  • Thrown Tridents no longer have a placeholder name
  • Trident attack damage is now listed in its item tooltip
  • Fixed strange Trident behavior when it's thrown into snow
  • Players who are not the owner of a Trident with Loyalty can no longer pick it up
  • Falling Sand is no longer affected by Tridents enchanted with Channeling
  • Tridents can now be fire from Dispensers
  • Tridents thrown underwater will no longer continue to produce bubbles
  • Ocean Monuments now spawn in all deep ocean variants
  • Fixed item name of Tropical Fish
  • Improved Fish spawning and despawning
  • Trees can now be stripped with an Axe when using touch controls
  • Bone drop rate from Fish has been reduced to 25%
  • Removed Sponges from the Drowned's loot table
  • Items now float properly on the surface of water
  • Increased the spawn rate of shipwrecks
  • Removed underwater mega ravines
  • Kelp no longer spawns in frozen oceans
  • Kelp now stops growing when it reaches the surface
  • Fish are no longer invisible on some devices
  • Top Kelp blocks are no longer missing transparency when viewed at certain distances
  • Redstone Dust will now properly light up when powered
  • Water blocks between Bookshelves and Enchantment Tables will no longer affect the level of enchantments available
  • Buckets of fish acquired with commands will now drop fish
  • Villagers in Igloos can once again be traded with
  • GUI Scale once again applies properly when launching the game
  • Drowned now spawn properly in new ocean biomes
  • Treasure Maps can now be obtained through commands when Experimental Gameplay is disabled
  • Dried Kelp now appears in Miscellaneous Food of the Equipment tab in the Creative inventory
  • Fixed Seagrass icon appearing as regular grass
  • Fixed Seagrass spawning on icebergs
  • Overworld mobs will no longer spawn underwater on Kelp and Seagrass
  • Blocks moved by Pistons underwater are now filled with water
  • Pistons and Sticky Pistons are now properly displayed underwater

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]