Bedrock Edition beta

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Bedrock Edition




Xbox One, Windows 10: 2019年8月27日
Android: 2019年9月2日[1]





Beta Edition 1.13.0 のベータ版である。[2] いくつかの新要素が追加された。

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

Blocks[編集 | ソースを編集]

Wither Rose
  • Can be crafted into black dye.
  • Inflicts 1 second of Wither status effect to players and mobs around it, when in any difficulty besides peaceful.
  • Is dropped or planted from any non-undead mob being killed by the wither
  • Supports auxiliary data from 0 to 15 for light level.
  • Are supported via /give, /fill, and /setblock.
  • The invisible end rod (variant 6) is now automatically upgraded to the new light block.
  • Dead variants of coral
  • Can be placed on top of blocks

Items[編集 | ソースを編集]

Suspicious stew
  • Can be crafted with a red and brown mushroom, a bowl and any flower.

Mobs[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Added the brown mooshroom.
    • Does not spawn naturally
    • Spawns when a red mooshroom is struck by a lightning bolt.

World generation[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Added abandoned villages.
    • Re-added zombie villages but in use of the new village structures.

General[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Added villager celebration for a successful raid defense.
  • Added illager celebration for an unsuccessful raid defense.
  • Can now spawn in any biome except the Nether and mushroom fields.
  • Delay is now 10-11 minutes, instead of 5-6 minutes.
  • Now attack in swarms.
  • Added game credits.
    • These can be viewed after defeating the Ender Dragon, and also through a new button found in the Settings menu.
Note block sounds

変更要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

Blocks[編集 | ソースを編集]

Note blocks
  • Updated note block sounds.
Item frames
  • Can now be placed on the floor and ceiling.
Grass path
  • Can now be found in the Creative inventory.

Mobs[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Can now spawn in rivers.
  • Can now heal if they have bread in their inventory.

General[編集 | ソースを編集]

Map-making and add-ons
  • New data driven items:
    • Turtle lightning interactions are now data driven.
    • Pufferfish puffed states are now data driven.
    • Brewing Stand potion recipes are now data driven.
    • Changed Breathable, RideTick, and Transformation systems to use ViewedEntityContext.
    • Added precompiled header targeting for ScriptAPI.
  • Significantly increased the maximum spawnRadius distance.

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • The game no longer appears frozen after starting a world
  • Improved world loading times
  • Fixed crash from mismatched components/definitions from legacy actor updating
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to brew certain potions
  • Optimized terrain light calculation
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on low and mid-end Android devices
  • Fixed crash from missing component definition
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur after a guest tries to join a game through an invite
  • The game no longer crashes when a split screen player picks up log blocks
  • Fixed a crashing issue that affected certain worlds when approaching spawn (MCPE-46686)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after changing the File Storage location
  • Running commands from a minecart with command block no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when trying to double tap on an item in the beacon UI
  • Optimized FPS during gameplay on Xbox One
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when dispensing bone meal onto a one-high flower (MCPE-50760)
  • Optimized the time taken to load mobs into the world
  • Fixed a crash that was sometimes occurring on some Android and iOS devices with lower memory
  • The "We are being attacked!" and "I've got a bad feeling about this" achievements can now be unlocked (MCPE-45060)
  • Powered rails placed using /fill should now work correctly when powered by redstone
  • Fixed a download loop after purchasing certain content packs
  • Using /setblock on a piston base no longer leaves an invisible piston arm
  • When you delete a global resource pack, it will now remove itself from the active stack
  • The info at the top of the global resource pack screen will now fit correctly when using various language settings
  • Tweaked the "Host and Player Options" section in the "How to Play" guide (MCPE-28976)
  • Cloned active mob spawners now have an animated mob when placed (MCPE-23106)
  • Fixed the "Multiplayer Restricted Skin!" error message that would pop up when trying to join a world before the skin had loaded in (MCPE-48494)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing many small and empty villages to be created when trying to expand an existing village
  • Fixed an infinite loading screen when opening the skin picker
  • Fixed a missing armor layer for "Tiny Footprints" Marketplace pack
  • Updated the "How to Play" section about taming cats (MCPE-43490)
  • Fire aspect swords no longer set Creative players on fire (MCPE-14036)
  • Players can now teleport on top of non-full or transparent blocks when eating a Chorus Fruit
  • Endermen holding red sand no longer drop regular sand when killed (MCPE-25926)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from moving while sneaking on top of shulkers or boats (MCPE-44644)
  • Killing cod, salmon, tropical fish, and pufferfish now drops XP
  • Boat paddling animation now matches Java and resynchronizes when paddling stops
  • Lightning now strikes less frequently (MCPE-38768)
  • The LT controller button can now be used to quickly equip or replace armor
  • Players are now able to use items like fishing rods while aiming at nearby mobs
  • Lightning from channeling trident now affects more than a single mob in a small area
  • The player no longer keeps on rowing when opening the inventory UI during boat rides (MCPE-36522)
  • Arrows now destroy armor stands properly (MCPE-47785)
  • Flowers no longer become invisible in flower pots (MCPE-40806)
  • Sneaking on redstone ore no longer triggers glow
  • Breaking an extended piston in Creative no longer drops an item (MCPE-37492)
  • Drinking sound for milk and potions now plays correctly (MCPE-38340)
  • Mobs now drop armor and tools correctly (MCPE-48891)
  • Nether wart now has a chance to drop more items when broken with Fortune tools (MCPE-31107)
  • Animal breeding cooldowns no longer reset after reloading the world
  • Explosions other than TNT now deal damage in water
  • Parrots can now be picked in creative using pickblock
  • Dispensers now place boats correctly
  • Anvils now take damage correctly after use
  • Mobs can now enter into boats and minecarts correctly (MCPE-48596)
  • Buttons are now craftable from the recipe book
  • Fixed player swimming state when exiting water
  • Area of effect clouds such as lingering potions now work correctly if the world is set to 'Always Day' (MCPE-39595)
  • Water being dispensed from a dispenser no longer breaks end portals and gateways
  • The beacon block can now suffocate players and mobs like other opaque blocks (when being clipped into when using a minecart, for example)
  • The player respawn location now favors shallow water rather than deep water
  • Multiple ender dragons will no longer spawn in the End if the player dies or moves away (MCPE-37590)
  • Hoppers now pick up items from above correctly (MCPE-31393)
  • The Renewable Energy achievement will now unlock correctly (MCPE-39661)
  • Pillagers now spawn around pillager outposts more frequently (MCPE-43396)
  • Player movement speed is no longer slowed down after stepping onto a shulker box from certain blocks
  • The "Where have you been?" achievement now unlocks correctly on Android
  • Placing and breaking blocks from within a boat now works correctly
  • Mobs no longer drop fully repaired items (MCPE-45953)
  • End gateway portals can no longer generate on the main obsidian platform in the End
  • The locator map marker now points in the correct direction when riding a boat (MCPE-50512)
  • Falling snow layers no longer break blocks in redstone contraptions (MCPE-49773)
  • Players now receive stored XP from furnaces correctly (MCPE-47324)
  • Maps are now drawn more quickly when exploring, meaning the "Map Room" achievement now unlocks more consistently (MCPE-27720)
  • Entity hit and collision boxes no longer exist during mob death animations (MCPE-9999)
  • Wither skeletons are no longer affected by the Wither effect (MCPE-46317)
  • Foxes now sleep and find cover during thunderstorms
  • Mobs and entities are no longer slowed when walking one block above ice
  • Baby zombies are now able to ride zombie pigmen (MCPE-20163)
  • The Wither no longer runs away from the player after being spawned
  • Fixed the held sword position for vex mobs
  • The phantom wing flapping animation is faster now (MCPE-42935)
  • Endermen are correctly affected by invisibility effect when applied (MCPE-44492)
  • Parrots can now fly over fences and walls
  • Drowned on land now attack based on brightness levels rather than time of day
  • Mobs standing on slabs are no longer immune to sunlight damage after reloading the world (MCPE-32822)
  • Witches no longer spawn in 1.8 high gaps (MCPE-45935)
  • Cured zombie villagers now keep their trade level
  • Zombies no longer become stuck on doors when pathfinding
  • The parrot dancing animation is the correct speed now (MCPE-48356)
  • Jockeys no longer get stuck trying to move to unreachable mounts
  • Barrier blocks no longer stop grass growth
  • Farmland blocks now prevent grass growing underneath
  • Turtle egg items now have the same 2D icon as Java
  • Leaves collected with silk touch now stack correctly (MCPE-32347)
  • Trapdoor items now have the correct inventory icon textures (MCPE-44214)
  • Six-sided wood block variants can now be smelted or used as furnace fuel
  • Grass path block is no longer missing from the creative inventory
  • Items dropped from breaking blocks underwater now show bubbles
  • Damaged elytra now have their own texture
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain items not being suggested in the recipe book correctly
  • Items cooked on the campfire now stack together correctly (MCPE-47684)
  • The paperdoll model now properly reloads animations when the app suspends and resumes
  • The player model is now visible again while sleeping on a bed
  • Improved the texture for the stonecutter with non-fancy graphics (MCPE-42487)
  • Fixed shield block animation in third person view
  • Iron bars no longer lose some of their textures when surrounded by other bars (MCPE-47324)
  • Fixed the smooth player sneaking animation (MCPE-49586)
  • The screen now fades to black when sleeping in a bed
  • Leads rendered in the structure block UI will no longer stretch really far away
  • Added correct hue to the ender dragon's death animation
User interface
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip text showing for various potions
  • Keyboard inputs now work correctly when the game loads out of window focus
  • Fixed HUD positioning after sleeping on VR immersive mode
  • Fixed the "Open Chat" message for touch screen devices
  • Flight controls will no longer show when sleeping in a bed in creative (MCPE-44928)
  • Pistons with data values 6 and 7 can no longer be placed using slash commands (MCPE-21558)
  • Using the /clear @p item now clears correctly auxiliary values
  • Players can no longer use the /spawnpoint command in the Nether dimension
  • Using the /replaceitem command now works correctly with barrels (MCPE-48184)
  • The /clear command now works correctly with damageable items
  • Running the "/clear" command message now shows correct amount of items removed (MCPE-34750)
  • Carpet is now removed correctly when using the "/clear" command
Add-ons and script engine
  • Fixed the death override event firing twice when leaving world from the death screen
  • Fixed `minecraft:scale` component failing to scale certain Actor models
  • Running the "tick_world" component now removes ticking areas correctly and consistently
  • Fixed double damage events being sent when mobs are hurt by non-magic
  • Behavior pack animations now run correctly when set
  • Timer component now works on projectiles
  • "minecraft:spell_effects" no longer trigger a second time incorrectly
  • Fixed player entity components that were not getting added
  • Added stone slab aliases to allow backwards compatibility on Marketplace maps

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]