Bedrock Edition beta

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Bedrock Edition




Xbox One, Windows 10: 2019年7月26日
Android: 2019年8月2日[1]



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Beta Edition 1.13.0 のベータ版である。[2] いくつかのバグが修正された。

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that happens when quick moving a structure void block (MCPE-47903)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when blocking projectiles with a shield (MCPE-48070)
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when approaching world spawn (MCPE-46686)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox when changing internet connection
  • Improved performance and stability when playing on split-screen on Xbox
  • Fixed minecart rider rotation not being updated correctly on some packs
  • Fixed third person camera view shaking issue (MCPE-48987)
  • Adjusted player sneak animation position (MCPE-47883)
  • Players can join the world correctly after accepting an invite
  • Nether portals now connect properly after being cloned
  • Fixed the animation of nausea (including using nether portals) (MCPE-47960)
  • Added mirror back to left arm in humanoid geometry (MCPE-47944)
  • Split-screen players can only join if they have an adequate controller available
  • The correct Marketplace Inventory items are now shown when switching users
  • Fixed broken rotations in player animation for attacking
  • Players now face the specified direction when added to teleport commands
  • Fixed issue of damaged elytra texture never getting used (MCPE-47758)
  • /clear now works correctly with damageable items
  • Global resource packs in Settings will now update to the new chosen language
  • Throwing animation now plays when charging trident with riptide
  • Corrected player sprint/swim state when exiting water
  • Fixed an issue with making purchases on Oculus Rift
  • Fixed a controller issue when docking the Nintendo Switch
  • Left and right brackets on world/friend/server tabs now function correctly with full keyboard controls toggled on
  • The text to speech narrator now works correctly with punctuation in text boxes
  • Fixed an issue with in-game patch notes not always showing up correctly
  • Fixed an issue with some damageable items (such as armor, tools) not being suggested in the recipe book
  • Armor stands and players can again wear helmets with secondary layers
  • Items no longer appear as mobs when held by armor stands (MCPE-48629)
  • Arrows now render correctly when held by armor stands
  • Removed the “Create Realm” button from beta versions of the game
  • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing mobs to despawn randomly (MCPE-47922)
  • Players no longer fall through opening shulker boxes and pistons (MCPE-47882)
  • Items that have been smelted can now be crafted and stacked correctly (MCPE-47907, MCPE-48421, MCPE-47684)
  • Buttons are now craftable from recipe book again (MCPE-48584)
  • Adult villagers can now get into beds with low ceilings
  • Creepers no longer lose aggro when the line of sight is broken briefly
  • Removed the Fox “moveToVillage” behavior to match Java
  • Mobs can now enter minecarts and boats again (MCPE-48596)
  • Dolphins now jump properly again
  • Zombies no longer become stuck on doors
  • The parrot dancing animation is now at the correct speed (MCPE-48356)
  • Parrots can now fly correctly again (MCPE-47954)
  • Dolphins now follow players in boats again
  • Fixed cloud shading (MCPE-47814)
  • Fixed an issue with water not rendering correctly on some servers (MCPE-46813)
  • Fixed the flame height issue when player in on fire (MCPE-48175)
  • Multiple blocks no longer change color to black when moved by pistons
  • Using /fill and /clone commands with glass structures now render correctly
User interface
  • Fixed directional arrow controls when using full keyboard gameplay setting (MCPE-47853)
  • Removed accessibility tab from create world screen
Add-ons and scripting engine
  • Ducks can once again be hit by the player in the MINECON 2018 Pack
  • Fixed the positioning of particles that were only showing correctly when centered on screen
  • Adding back-compatibility for old player animation flags
  • Experimental UI is registered as trusted pack (MCPE-47818)
  • Fixed horse rein positioning and rotation in certain packs
  • Fixed an issue with nested behavior pack definitions not running correctly
  • Fixed an issue with minimum compatible versions of certain packs not working correctly
  • Timer component now works on vanilla projectiles
  • minecraft:spell_effects no longer trigger a second timer
  • Fixed an issue with the must_see_forget_duration component not working
  • Fixed an entity collision issue that was affecting some marketplace maps
  • Invisible end rods (variant 6) used in various marketplace maps are now invisible again

脚注[編集 | ソースを編集]