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Betaは、Bedrock Edition 1.13.0の2番目のBuildバージョンである[1]。 このバージョンではバグの修正が行われている。

追加要素[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • ワールドに入った後チャット画面を閉じられるように

修正[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • ゲームプレイ中に発生する可能性のあるいくつかのクラッシュの修正
  • 一部のiOSの機器で発生していたマーケットプレイスコンテンツの複数ダウンロード時にクラッシュする問題の修正
  • ジ・エンドでエリトラを使って飛んでいるときのドロップを修正
  • 村人が経路を探索しているときに発生していたクラッシュの修正
  • マルチプレイサーバーから退出しているときに発生していたクラッシュの修正
  • サーバーに接続しようとする際に発生していたクラッシュの修正
  • スポーンブロックでファントムのスポーンエッグを使用した際に発生していたクラッシュの修正
  • 海の構造物をロードしている際に発生していたクラッシュの修正
  • Corrected the arm movement on Oculus Rift immersive mode
  • Fixed various text to speech reader issues
  • Chat instructions no longer appear on screen each time the player travels through a portal (MCPE-45073)
  • Fixed the spacing of some of the menu buttons
  • Fixed sneaking while sleeping bug
  • Fixed the positioning of several held items
  • Fixed the hand placement for various Marketplace skins when holding an item
  • Structure block wireframe toggle now properly hides and shows the wireframe
  • Fixed zombie pigman sword position
  • Fixed camera position when the player sleeps
  • Fixed elytra position for Marketplace skins that don’t use the standard humanoid model
  • Structure block load mode now has include entities and remove blocks options
  • Players no longer lose items when moving stacks of items into a cartography table
  • Fixed some text characters with accents showing up as spaces instead (MCPE-47908)
  • Fixed hand position when switching from item to bare hand in first person
  • Adjusted position of player arms while holding maps for certain Marketplace skins with short and long arms
  • ワールドオプションで「Education Edition」を有効にしたワールドを生成すると、メニュー画面や設定などがEducation EditionのUIになってしまう(MCPE-47952)
  • Fixed issues related to unloaded chunks that could appear in Realms and local worlds (REALMS-1553)
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in the loading screen when trying to join a world or use a nether portal (MCPE-44816)
  • Leaves collected with silk touch now stack correctly with other leaves of the same type (MCPE-32347)
  • Parrots now sit correctly on a player's shoulder when passing by
  • Jukeboxes now stop playing music after being broken
  • Wither health bar no longer disappears during the fight if the player moves away (MCPE-40881)
  • Fixed the default recipe for beds
  • Joining a Realm through the 'joinable friends' list now loads the Realms UI rather than the normal multiplayer UI (MCPE-47731)
  • Eating when using a nether portal can cause the player to teleport to a random location (MCPE-39147)
  • Foxes no longer run away from players that are sneaking
  • Foxes no longer run away instead of being tempted
  • Foxes now move at the same speed in Bedrock and Java
  • Added back the blue effect from charged Creeper to wither shield
  • Foxes are no longer tempted by the player holding food
  • Breeding two red foxes in a snowy biome now makes a red Fox baby
  • Fixed Fox nap goal cooldown
  • Foxes no longer drown themselves while trying to catch and eat fish
  • Villagers can now reach their job sites correctly (MCPE-47884)
  • Trusted Foxes now correctly lose aggro after getting revenge
  • Horizontal wood blocks now drop the correct version of block
  • TNT can now be crafted from red sand as well as normal sand
User interface
  • Fixed duplicated 'Sign In' messages that were overlapping
  • Removed duplicated download progress bar
Add-ons and scripting engine
  • Blocks no longer stutter while falling when a script uses getBlocks
  • Scripting: Ticking areas now have a property showing whether they are fully loaded or not
  • Custom rideable entities now show the correct action hint when added

References[編集 | ソースを編集]

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