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Bedrock Edition







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Beta is the fourth beta version released for 1.11.0.[1]

Changes[編集 | ソースを編集]

Blocks[編集 | ソースを編集]

New Stonecutter

General[編集 | ソースを編集]

Texture Update
  • Added even more new textures to blocks and items, such as stained glass, grass block, and status effect icon.
  • Text to Speech now reads all dialog boxes and in-game notifications.

Fixes[編集 | ソースを編集]

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a 1.10 beta world with Experimental Gameplay disabled
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when villagers died
  • Removed the placeholder explosion sound when a raid ends
  • A directional horn sound will play to help find remaining raiders
  • Fixed the boss bar not emptying when a raid wave was completed
  • Fixed raids not starting on Android devices
  • Raids no longer break when switching to Peaceful difficulty, then back to Normal
  • Raiding mobs will now attack players that attack them
  • Raiding mobs will now move through water to get to a village
  • Raiding mobs can no longer spawn on leaves
  • If all villagers are killed during a raid, all nearby players will now receive Bad Omen
  • Ravagers can now spawn with evokers riding them during raids
  • Witches now have a higher priority to move into villages during raids
  • Removed particles around players that have Hero of the Village
  • Improved spawn locations of mobs during raids
  • Text to Speech audio prompts no longer overlap one other
  • Text to Speech now properly reads controller bindings
World Generation
  • Fences generated in water in villages are now surrounded with water
  • Trees will no longer spawn one block above the ground in village animal pens
  • Fixed some sleepwalking villagers
  • Mobs can now path their way through waterlogged blocks, such as seagrass (MCPE-37005)
  • Wither skeletons and guardians once again spawn in the world (MCPE-42922)
  • Updated supply values for various villager trades
  • Wandering traders no longer change their offers after exiting and re-entering a world
  • Iron golems that spawn in a village now retaliate against attacking players
  • Improved ravager pathfinding
  • Villagers now take breaks every once in a while
  • Pillagers no longer float in mid-air after killing a ravager with a riding pillager
  • XP can now be stored for auto smelters using blast furnaces and smokers
  • TNT once again launches away from an explosion (MCPE-42731)
  • Added a placeholder sound for villagers interacting with the fletching table
  • Happy villager particles now appear over a job site block when it is claimed by a villager or angry particles when a villager cannot reach the block
  • Maps once again show underwater terrain differences (MCPE-40740)
User Interface
  • The output slot of the Cartography Table no longer overlaps the text field with Pocket UI on Android devices
  • Selecting a trade on the left side of the trading screen with a controller will now complete a trade
  • The outline of the saddle item on the horse inventory screen now matches the new saddle texture
  • Fixed the lack of controller tooltip for interacting with the lectern
  • The loom screen now displays banner patterns correctly when using HD texture packs
  • Fixed overlapping boss bars when using touch devices
  • Trades no longer auto-populate the trade input slot
  • Villager trades that are locked no longer appear until the villager levels up

References[編集 | ソースを編集]

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