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提供: Minecraft Wiki
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  • Nbtsheet.png Entity data
    • すべてのエンティティに共通するタグ テンプレート:Nbt inherit/entity/templateを参照
    • Nbtsheet.png Age: Age of the field.
    • Nbtsheet.png Color: The color of the displayed particle. Uses the same format as the color tag from Display Properties.
    • Nbtsheet.png Duration: Maximum age of the field. Field dissipates at this age, regardless of radius.
    • Nbtsheet.png ReapplicationDelay: The number of ticks before reapplying the effect.
    • Nbtsheet.png WaitTime: The time before deploying the field. Doesn't apply Potion Effect until it hits the Age number.
    • Nbtsheet.png OwnerUUIDMost: UUIDMost of the owner.
    • Nbtsheet.png OwnerUUIDLeast: UUIDLeast of the owner.
    • Nbtsheet.png DurationOnUse: Unknown. Does not appear to effect age or duration.
    • Nbtsheet.png Radius: The area's radius
    • Nbtsheet.png RadiusOnUse: The amount the radius grows upon applying the effect. Normally negative
    • Nbtsheet.png RadiusPerTick: The amount the radius grows per tick. Normally negative
    • Nbtsheet.png Particle: The particle displayed by the area effect.
    • Nbtsheet.png ParticleParam1: For blockdust, blockcrack and fallingdust particles, specifies a numeric block id and a data value, using a single number: id+(data×4096). For iconcrack, specifies a numeric block id or item id.
    • Nbtsheet.png ParticleParam2: For iconcrack, specifies a data value.
    • Nbtsheet.png Potion: The name of the default potion effect. See potion data values for valid IDs.
    • Nbtsheet.png Effects A list of the applied effects.
      • Nbtsheet.png An individual effect.
        • Nbtsheet.png Ambient: Reduced particle display
        • Nbtsheet.png Amplifier: potion level.
        • Nbtsheet.png Id: Potion id
        • Nbtsheet.png ShowParticles: particle display
        • Nbtsheet.png Duration: effect duration. 0 if instant.