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テンプレート:Development versions

提供: Minecraft Wiki
移動先: 案内検索
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このテンプレートは、モジュール:Development versionsを使用しています。また、このスクリプトはLuaで書かれています。

This template is used to display the content from the pages of all the development versions relating to a version.


The anonymous parameter is the version that the development versions belong to, defaulting to the root page (1.8 on 1.8/Development versions). The categories parameter is a comma separated list of categories to look for pages in, defaulting to snapshots, pre-releases.

It's important for the version pages themselves to have <onlyinclude> tags, beginning at the end of {{version nav}} and ending before the references section (if there is one) or before the first navbox.

The page that contains this template should be a subpage of the main version page, and should be called "Development versions". It will then be linked to by the infobox on the main page.


Getting the content of each page is considered expensive, and thus there can never be more than 100 versions on one page, possibly less if there are other templates on the pages that use expensive parser functions.

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