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This template should be added after the last unsigned comment if and only if nobody edited since that comment. Otherwise, use {{unsigned}} instead.


The template works like {{unsigned}}, except it automatically adds the username and time stamp from the last revision of the page. This template should always be substituted, and if it isn't, the page will be added to Category:AutoUnsigned template used incorrectly and will display an error.

The parameter {{{date}}} can be set to 1 or only to only add the date, or set to 0 or none to remove the date. If unset, the template returns both the username and the date.


Would give: ——以上の署名の無いコメントは、5:31, 16 6月 2015 (UTC) に投稿されたものです。~~~~ を追加してください
Would give: ——以上の署名の無いコメントは、ものです。~~~~ を追加してください
Would give: ——以上のundatedコメントは、5:31, 16 6月 2015 (UTC) に投稿されたものです。~~~~ を追加してください


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