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リソースパック(Resource pack)システムとはプレイヤーが Minecraft のカスタマイズを可能にするAPIである。これにより、テクスチャ、モデル、BGM、効果音、言語ファイル、クレジット・ロール、スプラッシュテキスト、フォントをゲーム本体を書き換えずに変更出来る。

振る舞い[編集 | ソースを編集]

リソースパックの選択画面である。Ninety-Sixが一番上で、 Favorite Songs Packが続き、デフォルトのアセットとなっている。



デフォルトのリソースパック[編集 | ソースを編集]



Console Edition[編集 | ソースを編集]

Console Editionでは、マッシュアップパック(これはリソースパックに相当する)がダウンロードコンテンツ(DLC)として、Xbox Game ストア / PlayStation ストア / Nintendo eショップからダウンロード出来る。マッシュアップパックはリソースパック、スキンパック、ワールドを一つにしたコンテンツである。

Pocket Edition[編集 | ソースを編集]

Pocket Editionではスキンパックと同様にリソースパックは購入・作成出来る。 現在(1.0.4)はプラスチック、都会、ナチュラル(Console Editionからの移植)、ファンタジー、カートゥーン、キャンディーテクスチャパックが購入・使用可能である。カスタムリソースパックを導入するには、com.mojangフォルダにresource_packsフォルダを作り配置する必要がある。 導入にはデバイスのOS毎に違いがある。 iOSでは内部ファイルをiOS単体で操作できないため、WindowsやMacからiExplorerやiFunBoxなどを使って導入する必要がある。これはiTunesのファイル共有ではフォルダへのナビゲートが出来ないためである。 Androidではファイル操作が出来るため、ファイルマネージャなどのアプリで可能である。 Alpha 0.16.0から、iOSデバイスではダウンロードしたリソースパックファイルの拡張子を.mcpack.mcworldにリネームすることで導入出来る。

コンテンツ[編集 | ソースを編集]


  • Nbtsheet.png ルートタグ
    • Nbtsheet.png pack: Holds the resource pack information
      • Nbtsheet.png pack_format: Pack version. If this number does not match the current required number, the resource pack will display an error and required additional confirmation to load the pack. Requires 1 in versions before 1.9, and 2 as of 1.9 and 1.10. 1.11 also requires a nnumber, 3 .
      • Nbtsheet.png description: Text that will be shown below the pack name in the resource pack menu. The text will be shown on two lines, and if too long extra text will be cut off.
    • Nbtsheet.png language: Contains additional languages to add to the language menu
      • Nbtsheet.png A language Language code for a language, corresponding to a .lang file with the same name in the folder assets/minecraft/lang
        • Nbtsheet.png name: The full name of the language
        • Nbtsheet.png region: The country or region name
        • Nbtsheet.png bidirectional: If true, the language reads right to left.

The root directory also contains an optional image called pack.png, which will show as the thumbnail for the pack on the resource pack selection menu.

Language[編集 | ソースを編集]

Resource packs can create language files of the type .lang in the folder assets/minecraft/lang. Each file will either replace information from a file of the same name in the default or a lower pack, or it will create a new language as defined by pack.mcmeta.

Each line in the language file is in the format of identifier=name. identifier is the name that the game looks for to determine the name for something, and as such it should not be changed. name is the name that is displayed, which takes any text after the equals sign up to the end of the line. For example, stone in the default language file is tile.stone.stone.name=Stone, with tile.stone.stone.name being the identifier, and Stone being the displayed name. Blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored.

Language files only need to add lines that are actually changed by the pack, any names that are not in the pack will be loaded from the pack below, or default if no pack changes the names.

Models[編集 | ソースを編集]

Models are files in JSON format with the extension .json, which determine the shape and textures of blocks and items.

Blocks use a block state file from assets/minecraft/blockstates to determine which model is loaded for each variant from the folder assets/minecraft/models/block. Meanwhile, each item has an item model in assets/minecraft/models/item to determine its model, which either loads from a block's model, contains data for its own custom model, or uses the default "flat" or "entity" model.

Models and block states used in packs below the top one will still be loaded unless overridden in the top pack, which may cause some textures and models used by the top pack to no longer be loaded.

Sounds[編集 | ソースを編集]

Resource packs load additional sounds with the file type of .ogg. Each sound placed in the pack will override the sounds from packs below, and packs also contain a file called sounds.json which is placed within assets/minecraft. Unlike most other files in resource packs, sounds.json will merge sound information from packs below the top pack, rather than each sounds.json file overriding the previous completely.

Textures[編集 | ソースを編集]

The "missing texture" for invalid or missing textures.

For block or item textures to function, they must have equal width and height (or height that is a multiple of the width if animated); otherwise it will display as a purple and black checkerboard. For most other textures, the file will simply be stretched to fit the required dimensions.

Most solid blocks will turn any transparent area fully opaque. Some other blocks, which have "cutout" transparency (like glass) will turn all pixels that are less than 10% opaque fully transparent and all other pixels completely opaque. Every other block renders textures with semi-transparency as-is. All items and any blocks or entities which are semi-transparent by default support semi-transparency.

If a file does not exist in any resource pack, including the default, it will display as a purple and black checkerboard.

Animation[編集 | ソースを編集]

Block and item textures support animation by placing each additional frame below the last. The animation is then controlled using a .mcmeta file in JSON format with the same name in the same directory. For example, the .mcmeta file for stone.png would be stone.png.mcmeta.

  • Nbtsheet.png The root tag
    • Nbtsheet.png animation: Contains data for the animation
      • Nbtsheet.png interpolate: If true, Minecraft will generate additional frames between frames with a frame time greater than 1 between them. Defaults to false.
      • Nbtsheet.png width: The width of the tile, as a direct ratio rather than in pixels. This is unused in vanilla but can be used by mods to have frames that are not perfect squares.
      • Nbtsheet.png height: The height of the tile in direct pixels, as a ratio rather than in pixels. This is unused in vanilla but can be used by mods to have frames that are not perfect squares.
      • Nbtsheet.png frametime: Sets the default time for each frame in increments of one game tick. Defaults to 1.
      • Nbtsheet.png frames: Contains a list of frames. Defaults to displaying all the frames from top to bottom.
        • Nbtsheet.png A number corresponding to position of a frame from the top, with the top frame being 0
        • Nbtsheet.png A frame Specifies a frame with additional data
          • Nbtsheet.png index: A number corresponding to position of a frame from the top, with the top frame being 0
          • Nbtsheet.png time: The time in ticks to show this frame, overriding "frametime" above.

If the .mcmeta file does not exist in the pack and the texture does, the game will assume the texture is not animated, rather than loading a .mcmeta file from a pack below that pack. If no .mcmeta file exists for a texture with unequal dimensions, the texture will appear as a purple and black checkerboard.

Colormaps[編集 | ソースを編集]

Colormaps are 256×256 pixel images which tell the game which color to use in each biome. They are located in assets/minecraft/textures/colormap. The game contains two colormaps, foliage.png which colors plants such as leaves (except birch and spruce) and vines, and grass.png which colors grass and grass blocks. Colormaps can be disabled on individual blocks by removing the tintindex tag.

Fonts[編集 | ソースを編集]

Font files contain a grid of white characters, which are automatically colored by Minecraft as needed in game. The character sizes are automatically determined based on the last line of pixels containing any alpha value. Due to the way fonts are detected, filling the background of a character with a color containing a 1% alpha background will cause the full width to render without having a visible background to the character.

Properties[編集 | ソースを編集]

Textures from assets/minecraft/textures/misc support a .mcmeta file in JSON format containing additional effects to apply to the texture. The file is contained in the same directory as the texture, and have the same name as the texture, except appended with .mcmeta. For example, the file pumpkinblur.png can have a properties file call pumpkinblur.png.mcmeta

  • Nbtsheet.png The root tag
    • Nbtsheet.png texture: Contains data for the texture
      • Nbtsheet.png blur: Causes the texture to blur when viewed from close up. Defaults to false
      • Nbtsheet.png clamp: Causes the texture to stretch instead of tiling in cases where it otherwise would, such as on the shadow. Defaults to false
      • Nbtsheet.png mipmaps: Custom mipmap values for the texture

If the .mcmeta file does not exist in the pack and the texture does, the game will load the default settings, rather than loading a .mcmeta file from a pack below that pack.

Texts[編集 | ソースを編集]

Three .txt files in UTF-8 format exist in assets/minecraft/texts which are used by the game to determine the text to display.

The file end.txt contains the text of the end poem, using formatting codes to apply the colors to the two speakers, and with the text PLAYERNAME being replaced with the player's name. After that file is shown, the contents of credits.txt will be shown.

The file splashes.txt contains lines of text separated using line breaks to determine the splashes to display in game. Any of the splashes can be replaced with different text, which will then be used in place of that splash in game.

Folder structure[編集 | ソースを編集]


Video[編集 | ソースを編集]


歴史[編集 | ソースを編集]

1.6.1 13w24a テクスチャーパックに置き換わる機能としてリソースパックが追加された。1.5までのテクスチャーパックはMojangの変換ツール(Minecraft Texture Ender)で変換出来る。
1.6.2 HDフォントを使用した際に、フォントが歪むバグを修正[1]
1.7.2 13w36a 一度に複数のリソースパックを適用する機能を追加
13w42a assets/minecraft/musicのファイルをassets/minecraft/sounds/musicに、assets/minecraft/soundのファイルをassets/minecraft/soundsに移動した
1.7.4 13w48a Mojangのロゴを変更できる機能を削除した
1.8 14w06a ブロックモデルを変更できる機能を追加
14w07a リソースパックをマップにバンドルできるようになった。
14w25a カスタムアイテムモデルが適用出来るようになった
Added the interpolate tag for animations.
1.8.8 pre Resource packs now display an error if the pack version number is wrong. At this time, it requires a pack version number of 1.
1.9 15w31a Resource packs version number was changed to 2, due to changes in the model system, such as item tags, multipart, and changes to display tags.
Using resource packs with outdated display tags will cause the models to seem abnormally up-scaled and the wielded block will not be rotated in the hand, along with blocks in the inventory replaced with a 2D texture. This is similar to what happens when a model has no display tags. See here for an example.
1.11 16w32a リソースパックのバージョンが3になった
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.15.0 プラスチック・都会テクスチャパックを追加
0.15.7 ナチュラルテクスチャパックを追加
0.15.8 ファンタジーテクスチャパックを追加
0.16.2 カートゥーンテクスチャパックを追加
Pocket Edition
1.0.3 キャンディテクスチャパックを追加

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